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3 Myths About Upgrading From QuickBooks to the Cloud

3 Myths About Upgrading From QuickBooks to the Cloud

Outgrowing QuickBooks WhitepaperThere are many reasons users choose to upgrade from Quickbooks. User count limitations, the need for enhanced internal controls, lack of integration between other software, and the inability to customize for specific needs; are all limitations of QuickBooks that present a challenge for many growing companies. Thousands of former QuickBooks users have chosen to move to Intacct due to a multitude of situations.

Is something holding you back from making the switch? There are several QuickBooks migration myths that deter people from making upgrading from QuickBooks because they think upgrading will be too expensive, it will take too long, or the learning curve will be too high. We will debunk these myths below and share how Intacct can help.

1. Upgrading is too expensive

While an upgrade to a best-in-class financial management solution does require an increased investment, sticking with an accounting system that is not meeting your needs can have a devastating effect on the financial well-being of your growing company. Consider the amount of money lost from decreased productivity – manual tasks, expensive workarounds, and more – as a result of the limitations of QuickBooks.

“Intacct has driven at least $50,000 in savings by eliminating non-value added manual processes—transforming our finance department from data collectors and pencil pushers to business analysts who now provide deeper insight to help our business to grow and succeed.”
Dan Orlinski, Finance Director, Renal Ventures Management (read case study)

2. Upgrading will take too long

Often, business owners are resistant to change due to the fear that an upgrade will be a long, complicated process. Typically on-premise systems require months of effort. In contrast, Intacct solutions can be implemented in as little as four to six weeks. To speed up the implementation and conversion process, you can take advantage of automated conversion tools that accelerate the process of upgrading from QuickBooks to Intacct. Simply point the tools at your existing QuickBooks data files, answer a few simple questions, and your data is automatically converted and uploaded into Intacct.

“Lasco Enterprises implemented Intacct in less than two months— despite several complexities in mapping historical data from its QuickBooks instances.” (read case study)

3. The learning curve will be too high

Many organizations stick with QuickBooks because they fear a steep learning curve when implementing a new finincial software. Intacct shortens the learning curve with familiar and easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. Intacct QuickStart Financials lets you choose from a library of pre-configured, industry-specific financial templates with built-in best practices charts of accounts, financial processes, reports, dashboards and much more. Once you select your template, QuickStart Financials easily maps your existing charts of accounts to Intacct, automatically creating all of your account hierarchy structuresvand giving you extensive financial reporting out of the box.

“Intacct is very intuitive, and the reports and dashboards are easy to setup. Intacct makes it much easier to track every piece of information that is crucial to our business. I feel like I have a much better understanding of how the business is doing and can more easily identify areas for improvement. Intacct enables us to get the daily operational data we need to properly manage and grow the business.”
Cheri Zandlo, CFO, Tango2 (read case study)

Interested in learning more about upgrading from QuickBooks? Read our whitepaper – QuickBooks Upgrade: Questions, Myths, Insights and Tips.


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