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3 Nonprofits Who have Saved Time and Money with Orange Leap

3 Nonprofits Who have Saved Time and Money with Orange Leap

Saving time and money with constituent management softwareYou’re looking for a proven solution that has helped nonprofits across the nation to capture the heart of donors at every stage of the donor lifecycle. Who can blame you? In considering new software, a decision that will undoubtedly impact the future of your organization, you would like to see more than just the product in action—you want to see proven results.

This is why we would like to share with you 3 success stories of companies who have made the switch from bulky spreadsheets and time-consuming double reporting to a truly integrated solution that allowed them to give more back to the community.

Uplift Education Cuts Reporting Time

Uplift Education operates 28 schools on 13 campuses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex serving 10,000 students. When it comes to performance and mission fulfillment, Uplift Education has impressive results to share:  100 percent of their graduates are accepted to a four-year college.

Continuing to fulfill that mission relies, in part, on effective fundraising.  When Uplift Education Chief Development Director Deborah Bigham found that her donor management system was an obstacle to timely reporting, she replaced the system with Orange Leap.

Key Takeaways

  • Uplift Education Cuts Reporting Time and Gains Ability to easily Create Custom Reports
  • Newly recognized ability to target, track, and segment donors and non-donors
  • Gained Additional Ability to segment communication and manage touch points
  • Integration with other software, including fund accounting and others
  • Advanced training and simple deployment of cloud-based Orange Leap

For the full Uplift Education Case Study, please view at Orange Leap.

The Urban Alternative Gives More Back to the Community

Which campaigns were appealing to donors and creating results?  What was the giving history of our donors?  Those are pretty basic questions but often nonprofits and ministries can’t get the answers easily even with a donor database – which begs the question ‘Isn’t the software supposed to do that?’

That’s exactly the situation The Urban Alternative was in when they began looking for a better software solution.  “We were being limited by our inability to monitor the performance of different campaigns and track our donors giving history,” notes Director of Ministry Services Joy Glover.

Key Takeaways

  • Gained Centralized Hub for all Constituent Data
  • Managed and Tracked Donations from multiple campaigns: monthly appeals, newsletters, direct mail; multiple donor receptions and rallies every year; annual donor luncheon; and new donor acquisition campaigns
  • Tracked Performance of the aforementioned drives and gained insight into giving history of donors
  • Segmented Donors based on their criteria and cut time spent searching for data
  • Allowed Managers to spend more time with current and potential donors, resulting in increased donations and more effectively managed fundraising events

Now that they have a better picture of their campaigns and their donors, The Urban Alternative can spend more time with donors instead of chasing down data.  “We have been able to personally develop relationships and cultivate donors,” notes Glover.  “This has resulted in increased donations.  We have also used the data to host very successful events.  I would estimate the value to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

For the full story, please head over to Orange Leap for the Urban Alternative Case Study.

East-West Ministries Sees 400% Increases in Revenue (Orange Leap MPX)

In the past seven years East West Ministries International (http://www.eastwest.org/) has grown from $3 million in revenue to $12 million in revenue.  During the same timeframe donations have increased from 700/month to 2000/month.  East West Ministries International enjoyed this increase with minimal staff growth.

Development Director Kristen Shuler reports that Orange Leap has saved her time due to ease of use yet provides the functionality she needs to segment audiences, keep detailed information on donors, and easy constituent and gift entry.

Key Takeaways

  • Greater Ability to Store Wide Variety of Data
  • Message Targeting Helped Reach out to Donors at the Right Times using the Right Messages
  • Removal of Cumbersome Gift Entry Process
  • Integration with Fund Accounting Software
  • Easier Management of Fundraising Events: matching campaigns, direct mail, missionary appeal, year-end giving and regular newsletters

For the full story, please view the East-West Ministries case study at Orange Leap.


Three Nonprofits, Three Missions, One Solution: Orange Leap. But, did you notice a trend in what they gained? These three Nonprofit Organizations recognized more than fundraising with Orange Leap. These nonprofits gained the peace of mind needed to more effectively run their organizations using a best-in-class software. Two of them even stated that one of the most beneficial solutions was that of the integration with other software.

Two Best-in-Class Solutions to Create One Happy Nonprofit Organization. Through Orange Leap and Intacct, an integration already recognized by thousands of nonprofits across the nation, your organization can gain unmatched insight into both the donors and financial management of your nonprofit organizations.

One Match Made in the Cloud: Orange Leap and Intacct. Join Brittenford Systems as we show you an in-depth look at integration between Orange Leap and AICPA-endorsed Intacct. Learn how you can create a win-win-win for development, accounting and constituents when you join us on Tuesday, September 9 at 11:00 AM ET for “Integrated Fundraising and Accounting.”

Presenters Brian Dietz, President at Brittenford Systems, and Kevin Wells, Channel Development Manager at Orange Leap, will teach attendees:

  • How Intacct Nonprofit Accounting can reduce, if not eliminate, the number of spreadsheets necessary to track and report donations.
  • The ease with which you can generate reports using Intacct and Orange Leap (whether financial or donor-related).
  • How to capture the heart of your donor at every stage of the donor life cycle with the fundraising functionality of Orange Leap.

This event is free for nonprofit organizations but registration is required.  If you cannot attend, you may register to receive a recording of “Integrated Fundraising and Accounting: Complete Nonprofit Management.” Please Click Here to Register.

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