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3 Things You’ll Learn When You Meet Wipfli at SAP Concur Fusion 2018

3 Things You’ll Learn When You Meet Wipfli at SAP Concur Fusion 2018

After recently announcing that we will once again be attending SAP Concur Fusion 2018, today, we would like to discuss with you why you’ll want to see us there.

Learn How to Make Your SAP Concur Solution Even Smarter

We know that SAP Concur is already the smartest travel, expense, and invoice management platform out there. However, there are ways that you can take the solution even further. About five years ago, we released our first connector for the SAP Concur platform, designed to automatically connect travel and expense data between SAP Concur and Sage Intacct.

Since then, we have since expanded our offering from solving one problem to solving many, and from connecting to one ERP to connecting with four. These solutions—ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect—can help you take your expense management and invoice process from great to amazing.

Travel and Expense

Reimbursing employees is a challenge that requires the input from many individuals before the expense can be approved. SAP Concur takes much of this bouncing around out of the equation, but during this process, the expense needs to be transferred to ERP to complete the job.

For this reason we introduced ExpenseConnect. Designed to work with Dynamics AX/GP/SL and Sage Intacct, ExpenseConnect brings SAP Concur closer to your ERP of choice and offers unmatched visibility, compliance, and control.

Invoice Management

Following the success of our ExpenseConnect Product, we thought, “How can we do the same for SAP Concur Invoice?” With this, InvoiceConnect was born. Connecting SAP Concur with the same ERP Applications, it takes the challenge out of the last mile of invoice payment. Learn more how it works by watching the video below:

Learn How You Can Save More Money

When you can cut days or even weeks off of your approval process, you’re able to focus less on manual processes and focus more on improving the business. When you take the same mentality to your invoice process, you save tangible money through discount capture, improved supplier relationships and improved leverage. SAP Concur was the first step in getting there, and ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect are the second.

By connecting SAP Concur with Dynamics AX/GP/SL or Sage Intacct, you can cut the entire process of transposing data between the two out of the equation. Better yet, we are offering a special discount to anyone who implements the ExpenseConnect or InvoiceConnect platform before Fusion (contact us to learn more).

Learn about the Other Companies Who Have Thrived with ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect

During our time designing, implementing, and supporting ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect, we have helped many companies just like yours. If you’re heading to SAP Concur Fusion 2018, we’d love to speak with you, and would like you to see some of our success stories before you go.


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