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30 Minutes Saves Hours per Month for Visitors Bureau [Case Study]

30 Minutes Saves Hours per Month for Visitors Bureau [Case Study]

Atlanta has always been a major hub for business in the southeast, but in recent years has become a destination for everything from production companies to tech innovators. One industry—travel, business travel, and tourism—has seen its share of growth, thanks in part to the organization that brought together meeting planners, tour operators and more than 800 member organizations.

The Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) is the nonprofit behind these member organizations, acting as a liaison between the companies as it works to continually improve Atlanta’s image as a leading destination for conferences, travel and tourism in the southeast, supporting Atlanta’s $12 billion hospitality industry, sustaining 230,000 jobs for metro Atlantans and generating 42 million visitors each year.

However, as ACVB grew, a small pain grew alongside the nonprofit. Even for longtime Concur user who recently implemented Intacct, the process of manually downloading travel and expense data from Concur and uploading it to Intacct was taking longer and longer each month.

“It was a painstaking process. We first had to download the Concur Expense extract file, then convert it to a format Intacct would recognize. All the data had to be sorted and columns arranged correctly,” said Braam Du Plooy, Controller at the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). “It took eight hours each month, maybe up to ten. In a small company, time is literally money, and that eight to ten hours amounts to a lot.”

Essentially, the time saved by using the combination of software was being taken up by the manual process of transferring data. For a nonprofit, managers couldn’t expect the team to grow, but also couldn’t take the time for more time consuming and costly implementations:

“I felt as though I was implementing software all the time,” says Du Plooy. “In addition to my actual financial duties, I had to make time in my schedule for finding the right technologies, assessing the risk involved, implementing them and synchronizing with existing systems. It got overwhelming at times.”

What ACVB needed was a fast implementation that would undoubtedly save them time each month. To address this, they turned to Brittenford and its ExpenseConnect for Intacct integration.

The results? In a half hour phone call, with no IT involvement, Du Plooy was able to implement ExpenseConnect, with all necessary data reconfigurations completed with the help of Concur in less than a week.

With that, ACVB was able to cut the process from hours per week to minutes per month, resulting in cleaner data, accurate allocations, and optimized resources.

View the Entire Case Study

For more information, see the entire case study, Small Business Accounting Tools Net Big Results, download the PDF, or see the embedded document below:


Travel Expense Management and Accounting Integration Infographic

Learn how you can take your savings gained by using Concur Expense further by integrating it with your choice of accounting software—Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, or Intacct. The following Infographic shows you just how much this simple integration can benefit your business.


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