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5 Key Benefits of Flexible Billing in Microsoft Dynamics SL

5 Key Benefits of Flexible Billing in Microsoft Dynamics SL

5 Key Benefits of Flexible Billing Microsoft Dynamics SL can help meet the unique needs of small to mid-size professional services firms, U.S. government contractor, and Non Profit Organizations. With Dynamics SL 2011, organizations can manage such processes as financial reporting, project and grant accounting, time and expenses, purchasing goods and services, managing subcontractors and more. One key aspect of SL is flexible billing. What does flexible billing mean for your organization? Below we will share 5 key benefits of flexible billings in Microsoft Dynamics SL.

1. Improve Cash Flow

Reduce the lag time between project activity and invoicing. Charges such as time, expenses, materials, and overhead allocations flow directly to billing without paperwork delays or manual data entry.

2. Gain Flexible Control

Assign various billing methods, rate structures and mark-up rules for each project or customer, or for a specific invoice, and then generate invoices automatically or on demand.

3. Prevent Invoice Errors

Review and annotate draft invoices online for editing and format changes, prior to approval and printing.

4. Tailor Invoices

Format invoices to customer specifications and link a given format to future customer or project bills.

5. Streamline Customer Service

Provide your customer service personnel with instant access to invoice information, including the ability to drill down to underlying details, for answering customers’ questions about their bills.

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