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5 Microsoft Dynamics GP Predictions For 2014

5 Microsoft Dynamics GP Predictions For 2014

Microsoft Dynamics GP PredictionsVia: MSDynamicsWorld

1. The Microsoft Dynamics GP web client will see a significant increase in adoption.

The web client is complete. Users are starting to ask for it, partners now understand it better, and Microsoft is making a push. The web client already has some features, like the ribbon interface, that are not yet available in the desktop client. Expect to see this trend continue. The GP web client is more efficient and less expensive than Terminal Server. I foresee significant growth in web client implementations in 2014.

2. The best feature in the next GP 2013 update may a small one.

The next feature pack for Dynamics GP 2013 is due in the first half of calendar 2014. It is expected to add some significant features that have been rebuilt from the ground up. These include a new requisitions module and completely rebuilt workflow process. Both of these features represent some of the big rocks going into the next version, but I think it a small pebble that will have folks the most excited. The next GP 2013 feature pack is scheduled to include the ability to copy and paste from Microsoft Excel into a Dynamics GP journal entry. It’s small thing, and you can do it now with one of several add ins, including a free one from Dynamics Innovations, but it’s not quite the same as having it in built into the product.

3. Dynamics GP will continue to shed third party products.

This year saw Microsoft send a number of third party products back to their respective developers. These included Collections Management, SmartList Builder, and (a bit earlier in late 2012) Extender. There is at least one and maybe two more that could return to their respective developers in 2014. It’s odd that Microsoft is building some functionality, like requisitions, while shedding other features that they are really just paying to maintain. Also, don’t be surprised if this trend reverses in a few years. There is a history of that, too.

4. Business Intelligence will continue to be a growth area.

Yes, this is a bit of no-brainer, but getting meaningful data out is still the most important piece of any ERP system. It’s getting even easier with Dynamics GP. Expect to see increased BI offerings and increased adoption in 2014. Also expect midsize companies to continue struggling with a lack of analytical talent. I still see a pretty significant lack of advanced Excel talent, not to mention analytical skills.

5. Satya Nadella will be the next CEO of Microsoft.

This is nothing more than a wild guess. Satya used to run the Dynamics business for Microsoft so this is a prejudiced guess. I’ve seen him speak a number of times and I met him at Convergence eons ago. He would be a safe choice for Microsoft. I’m not sure that Microsoft needs the safe choice, but I predict he will be the last candidate standing.


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