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6 Major Improvements in Microsoft Dynamics 2013 GP R2

6 Major Improvements in Microsoft Dynamics 2013 GP R2

Improvements GP R2As Microsoft Dynamics moves to the cloud, improves user experience, and moves toward the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, it is important to highlight the newest features in the 2014 release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2. What changes have been made? How are these changes improving your ability to meet business goals through increased efficiency? Read on to see what features await.

Additional Integration with Microsoft Office 365

You need customizable dashboards to improve your ability to get more done. With the important improvement integrating GP 2013 R2 with Office 365, your company can increase productivity and collaboration across multiple units. Specifically, you can

  • Easily create and securely share executive dashboards in Office 365 to connect people, processes, and systems in one place.
  • Recognize additional compatibility between GP and Word, Outlook and Lync
  • Word Documents are now attachable to email reports through GP

Increased Security and Identity Management

As GP moves to the cloud, it is important to recognize the importance of an enterprise-class backup for GP. By using Microsoft Azure, your data is saved more securely and your users have gained easier access. Consider the following:

  • You can now mitigate risk with secure, easy-to-use database back up to the cloud on Microsoft Azure.
  • Simplify web client log ins
  • Reduce identity maintenance between apps
  • Support companion app and service based architecture scenarios

Thanks to the Enterprise-Class benefits of Microsoft Azure, you are allowed easier and more secure access to GP.

Companion Applications

Many users need to access data everywhere, but do not need the full functionality of the software. In this update, Microsoft kept this in mind, offering apps designed for these users’ mobile devices, allowing for efficiency and decision making on the go. Download the entire whitepaper on how to install and implement companion applications for your specific needs.

Workflow 2.0

In order to increase the workflow and user experience, Microsoft developed GP R2 with the user in mind:

  • Quickly create and manage workflows & requisitions
  • Purchasing requisitions are limited based on user securities
  • Simplify procurement by consolidating multiple requisitions into a single purchase order.
  • The workflow design experience is now in a Microsoft Dynamics GP window, replacing the prior workflow system, and removing the dependency on SharePoint.
  • Additionally, Four new workflow types now available:

o   Purchase Order Approval

o   Purchase Requisition Approval

o   Payroll Timecard Approval

o   Project Timesheet Approval

Increased Features for Human Resources

Taking into mind the entire business, the newest release features increased efficiency and management for HR. Two big changes in this are as follows:

  • The new PTE Timesheet allows users to enter Project Timesheets, and they will flow through the new Workflow 2.0 approval workflows that the users create
  • Employees have the ability to save templates and enter their time using their saved templates. You can also set up delegates who can enter time for other employees, if they are unable to do it themselves

Improved Purchasing Functionality

With R2, Workflow 2.0, and additional capabilities, Dynamics has made the purchasing department’s job easier. The following shows the improved functionality for Purchasing:

  • The Purchase Requisition can be routed through the new Workflow 2.0 functionality. You will be able to order Inventory or Non-Inventoried items and you will be able to have them purchased directly in Microsoft Dynamics GP and linked to the Purchase Order
  • Users can now enter Purchase Requisitions and have it integrated with other functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Users are now able to drill back on the Purchase Order Link and view the Purchase Requisition

This only highlights the benefits of the newest Microsoft release, taking 21 years of user insights into consideration in order to consistently improve its product. Brittenford Systems is a proud provider of Microsoft Dynamics GP and has offered this valuable service for 15 years. To learn more about how we can help your company achieve more through Microsoft Dynamics GP, we invite you to contact us and read through our GP Learning Center.

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