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A Business Case for Successful Multivendor Technology Investment

A Business Case for Successful Multivendor Technology Investment

Growing together with multivendorMultivendor technology is having its day. With increased speed comes easier access, and best of breed is proving itself as a viable business model for even the largest organizations. But, even if specialty applications are changing how organizations source and use software, incorrect integration can hurt not only your view, but your business decision making.

When it’s right, it’s very right; when it’s wrong, it’s very wrong. This is why you, as a CIO, CFO, or any business decision maker, needs to start by focusing on the three C’s of IT: Communication, Coordination and Collaboration.

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This is only the start. To ensure a working multivendor approach, according to CIO Insight contributor David Muntz, you need to start building your team of vendors. The author points out these three considerations used by smart companies considering a multivendor approach:

  • Hub and Spoke: The first step is to find a hub, around which you can build a complete wheel of services. Finding a platform which integrates well with others—whose integration promise doesn’t falter with updates—will help to prevent missteps throughout the life of the useful life. This could require finding a vendor who shares in your businesses successes and will help you pick the best fit.
  • A Better Portfolio: Now that you’ve found the hub, it’s time to coordinate your efforts to choose the spokes that will securely exchange data with the hub and other spokes.
  • Radical Collaboration: The best in class approach has created a renaissance among vendors, and new innovations are allowing companies to make business decisions more easily. But it’s not only vendors that need to innovate. In order to succeed in a multivendor approach, it is important to get all stakeholders actively committed, not just involved. This will allow your organization to decide what’s best for it, and make better decisions as a result.

Consider Google’s latest project, Project Ara. Predicted to change the way individuals buy phones, owners will be able to build a phone that meets their needs for storage, camera functionality, and more. Users are excited to choose what’s best for them, and vendors are excited to innovate by creating for specific users (as opposed to one vendor creating one feature for every phone).

This is how organizations should look at purchasing software, and the right partner can help to build your network of applications. The right partner will celebrate your successes, because they care about helping your business grow.

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Brittenford Systems has helped organization partners to grow their businesses for nearly 20 years, and can help you choose a hub, like financial management software Intacct; a spoke, like travel and expense management platform Concur; or an integration-ready technology, like SchoolConnect or ExpenseConnect.

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