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Acing the Interview Part 1: A Guide to the Phone Interview

Acing the Interview Part 1: A Guide to the Phone Interview

Interviewing has definitely made some huge changes and advances recently. Yes, interviewing can be nerve-wracking and downright terrifying but they get easier with time and practice. Trust me. There are now several ways to conduct interviews. Over the next couple days, I’m going to give you some tips and pointers on how to ace these different interviews: Phone, Skype, and In-Person. By the end of this week, you should be ready to go with whatever form of interviewing a company throws at you.

What to Expect During Your Phone Interview

To start, there is the phone interview. The phone interview was designed and implemented so that a large pool of candidates can be screened to find qualified candidates. During the phone screen, you might find that hiring managers ask more basic questions to see if you are qualified for the position.

These questions might range from your credentials, education, what type of job you’re looking for, salary requirements, or other behavioral questions such as strengths and weaknesses. Although the phone screen is only the first step, be happy that they called you! It means that your resume (hopefully fixed up by our Resume Do’s and Don’ts Blog) is drawing attention and catching the eyes of hiring managers!

Preparing for the Phone Screen

Research Your Employer

In order to prepare for a phone interview, you’ll want to do your homework and research the company. Make notes to have in front of you while speaking on the phone to refer to when asked if you have any questions.

Select a Quiet Location

Before the call, you will want to make sure that you are in a QUIET location with no background noises or distractions. If there are any noises in the background, it tells the hiring manager that you are ill-prepared for the interview and might not care about the position.

During the Screen

Answer Confidently

When answering the phone, you’ll want to answer by saying, “Hello (CANDIDATE) speaking…” You must be confident and assertive with your answers! Highlight different areas of leadership/proactive work ethic experience or use of certain software. Always be extremely positive!


Speak with a smile on your face. It works wonders, believe me! Always be polite and thank the client for the time they took to interview you.

Be Honest

If they happen to ask about availability, always be honest. If you have vacations or anything planned, let them know!

Always Have Questions

And lastly, at the end of the phone screen, if they ask you if you have any questions please have a few ready to rock and roll.

Hint: coming soon: End of Interview Questions Blog. Having questions to ask shows that you are definitely interested in whatever position you are applying for.

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