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Acing the Interview Part 2: The Art of Skype Interviews

Acing the Interview Part 2: The Art of Skype Interviews

In part one of our three-part interview guide, we highlighted the types of interviews that you will generally come across on your path to your new job, highlighting how you can master the phone interview. Today, we would like to introduce you to the next step, one that employers have embraced in the past decade to screen employees without requiring a dedicated office visit: The Skype Interview.

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How to Master the Skype Interview

Another alternative to the phone interview is Skype, or other webcam, interview. This contender stepped into the ring within the last decade. You tend to see these interviews with a specialized skill set. A good example would be IT. If someone were to have a special skill set and they were looking into a job that was across the country, obviously a webcam interview would be a great choice to initially see and feel out the candidate. You have the ability and flexibility to see and talk to the candidate without them having to fly out and potentially have delays, etc.

Preparing for Your Skype Interview

Set up a Dry Run with a Friend

Preparing for a webcam interview can be a tad bit tricky. Start by making sure you are comfortable with your technology. If you don’t use your webcam daily or weekly try to practice with an “interview buddy” beforehand.

Set the Stage: Lighting, Background, Quiet

Another thing to look out for is proper lighting. There shouldn’t be any shadows on your face or around you. Also make sure that your background is professional, neat, and tidy. There should be no distractions, just like during a phone interview.

Eye Contact: Lens, No Screen Staring

Here is another factor you will need to train yourself on. Eye contact. You might find that you are more accustomed to staring at your screen instead of the camera lens. Practice to stare at the lens so that you are making “eye contact” with the hiring manager.

Posture is Key

Practice sitting in a professional manner as well. Nobody wants to see you slouching in your chair or hunched into your computer screen!

Dress to Impress

Another IMPORTANT key factor is to dress professionally. Dress like you were going to an in person interview.

Only on this occasion you could wear a brighter (but solid instead of patterned) color (and wear a little more makeup) to compensate for lighting washing your skin tone out. Aside from these different tips, treat a video interview the same as an in person interview.

Tomorrow, we will focus on what to do when you get called into the office for an in-person interview.

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