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Actually, You did Load ‘Actuals’ Correctly

Actually, You did Load ‘Actuals’ Correctly

Recently one of our customers loaded their monthly data into the Actuals scenario and couldn’t see the data in their reports. Our Solution Architect helped us diagnose the reason(s) why the data was not showing up.  There are several reasons why this happens and as we worked with the customer to get their data exposed and into reports I figured there would be some good lessons to share with other folks experiencing the same issues.

Several things were at play:

  1. First, several records were loaded into the Cost Center – Default which meant that data would not show up associated with the desired Cost Center due to poor mapping of the Cost Center.  The fix we applied the second time around whereby we loaded the correct cost center, resolved that issue.  Once data was correctly loaded into the correct cost center we were able to clear the erroneous “Default – Cost Center” rows from the database.   This was done via the Maintenance > Clear Data Once cleared those erroneous rows no longer have any impact on templates or reports.
  2. At least some of the records, ex: Department, Brandname, Product, BusinessUnit, were loaded into an account number (ex:2015) that was NOT currently mapped into the History Account Mapping within their a Forecast Block Template.   Regarding block templates we cannot update and save the effects of the saved template in a currently forecasted scenario, in this cases their Nov Forecasting Template, which has been already budgeted against.   As a result, the rows loaded with Account Number (2015) will not be seen in the current template for Actuals until the next month’s template, ex: Dec Forecasting Template is created.  Accounts that already exist in the History Account Mapping before the Nov Forecasting Template was updated will be seen perfectly.
  3. If you have any accounts you wish to reflect in History Account Mapping for any line in a template be sure to include those both in the Segment Hierarchy for the segment as well as the template mapping under the Mapping > Destination Account inside the Maintenance > Template Setup Make sure you are updating the right template in the right Scenario.

Now, when loading Actuals there is a timing issue that needs to be considered. The timing of loading Actuals after a scenario is created is fine so long as there are not new Account mappings necessary within the template.  See above.  All other Actuals numbers loaded should show after performing the following steps:

  1. Clean up all Segment Hierarchies by adding those that need to be added. This will minimize the Validation Rule Edits and errors you receive when loading your data.
  2. Load the data > Using Data Load Rule you use to usually use to load Actual Data.
  3. Load the data Successfully – Look for Successfully Loaded
  4. Verify that your Data loaded Successfully – you can check this by navigating to Maintenance > Verify Data > Select Actuals Scenario > Choose several Dimensions values to test that records loaded. Then press the Execute
  5. Now you can make the data available for viewing by navigating to Maintenance > Report Administration > Lock Data à choose the Actual Data Load Months (tab) > then expand to the Month (ex: Nov-15) > Check box > Click Save
  6. Now Lock the Data – Maintenance > Report Administration > Lock Data à Lock Data (tab) > Expand to the Month (ex: Nov-15) > Check box > Click Save
  7. Process the Cube by clicking the red exclamation point in the upper right corner of the screen and checking the Process Cube box and submitting the process. This might take a few seconds.
  8. Once you receive the message from Host that the cube has been processed you can Refresh Actuals – by navigating to Maintenance > Scenario Setup > Highlight the respective Scenario and click the More button > Refresh Actuals > OK

Now you should be able to navigate to the scenario using the Actuals data or Run the respective report and view your data.


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