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Add Shortcuts to Your Desktop in Dynamics GP 10.0

Add Shortcuts to Your Desktop in Dynamics GP 10.0

Shortcuts are a nice convenience and easy to add, yet many users don’t take advantage of the shortcut function in GP 10.0. Let’s walk through the steps of adding a shortcut to your desktop.


There are three areas on your Dynamics GP home screen that you can add shortcuts to. You can add a shortcut to:

1. Navigation Page

2. Quick Links

3. Menu bar



One of my favorite shortcuts is the FRx shortcut because, as many of you know, it’s extra work to navigate through the menu, or to go outside the system to get to the FRx program.


If you want to add a shortcut to the Navigation Pane, right click within the Navigation Pane window and select Add:




To add the FRx Shortcut, which is an external program, you will now select to Add External Shortcut.



Browse out to find the FRx .exe file in your programs:



Select Open, then Done. You can now use the FRx Shortcut on your Navigation Pane.


To add shortcuts to your menu bar right clicking on the menu bar and then select “Customize” from the pop-up menu.



Lastly, shortcuts can be added to the Quick Links pane. Simply hover over the gray area at the top of the Quick Links pane until you see a pencil appear in the top right corner.



Click on the pencil to access the Quick Links Detail window. Here, you can add a new shortcut. You can also change the order in which your shortcuts appear. To add a new shortcut, select the add button at the bottom left of the window and then follow the same steps as for adding the shortcut to your Navigation Pane.



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