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Add Your Company Logo to the Microsoft Dynamics SL Menu

Add Your Company Logo to the Microsoft Dynamics SL Menu

Would you like to have your company logo, instead of the Microsoft Dynamics SL logo, on your Dynamics SL menu?

Adding your logo is easy to do, and it personalizes your system.



Here are the simple steps to add your company logo:


  1. Rename a copy of your company logo file using this format:


    (Replace company_ID with the company ID that you enter when logging onto Dynamics SL.)


    The logo must be saved with the .bmp extension.  No other extension types including .jpg and .gif will work.  The dimensions of the logo cannot exceed 192 pixels x 40 pixels.  Otherwise, the logo may appear truncated.

  2. Copy the .bmp file from Step 1 (above) into the Dynamics SL root directory.
  3. Log into Dynamics SL.  You will now see the logo displayed in the upper-left section of the menu.  If no .bmp file exists for the company, the default Microsoft Dynamics SL logo is displayed.




Each company ID in the Microsoft Dynamics SL installation can have a different logo.  This helps to make it easy to quickly identify which database you are logged in to.


If you have more than one company database and want a different logo for each database just repeat these steps for each company database.



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