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After the Interview… What’s Next?

After the Interview… What’s Next?

Post Interview AdviceSo you just had an interview and you think it went really well. You’ve got this! Then all of a sudden, you receive a call a week later and they tell you that they selected someone else. But, how could that be when you rocked that interview? One piece of advice… always remain in front of the potential employer to boost your candidacy. During my time here I’ve heard stories where a particular employer specifically hired someone who sent them a thank you card in the mail and that none of the other candidates did. Remaining in contact helps and speaks volumes for your interest! Keep reading to find out some strategies you can use to stay at the top of the list!

After the interview is over you need to show that you are still very much interested in this position. It’s perfectly okay to tell the hiring manager something along the lines of, “I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and have learned a great deal about the company. I am hoping that you select me for this position.” It tells the hiring manager that you are really considering this position.

Ask about the Interviewing/Hiring Timeline. Get the right answers so that you don’t freak yourself out. You can also ask questions about when the position might be filled and if any other candidates have been selected thus far to be interviewed again. These kind of timeframe questions can help calm your nerves! You also want to ask other questions so that you don’t pester the hiring manager. Ask when they might reach out to you or if they would want you to reach out to them for the next step and when that should be.

Don’t be afraid to ask how the hiring manager prefers to be contacted! That way you don’t try to reach them the wrong way. Some people are easier to be reached via e-mail, some the phone. It really all depends on the person, so ask!

Stick to your word. If the manager asks for any additional documentation that you don’t have with you at that moment, be sure that you get it to them when you say you will. Imagine if you didn’t get the information to them and how that might reflect on you… it wouldn’t look good. Be punctual!

SEND A THANK YOU NOTE!!! This is the big one. I was taught this trick in college. Think about it. Nobody really sends anything in the mail anymore so imagine how touched someone would be if they received a hand written thank you note. It brings you back on top of their list and it gives you an opportunity to include any last minute details or achievements that you didn’t get to speak about during the actual interview. And if you don’t have the resources to send a letter, an email is fine too. Make sure that something is sent out by the very next day, at least. I’ve heard of stories where managers/employees actually keep the thank you notes. It makes it much easier to remember you for any future opportunities that might arise!

Lastly, if you don’t get the job, take rejection with professionalism. Sure, hearing, “no you didn’t get the job” absolutely stinks, but you need to handle your response with grace and respect. You never know when another position might open up with that company. If you handle the rejection well, they could always call you back with something else. That point brings me to this… Stay in touch! You never know what the future has in store. The person they bring in might not work out, or something else might open up! You just never know.


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