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AP Batch won’t post in Dynamics SL – Here’s How to Fix It

AP Batch won’t post in Dynamics SL – Here’s How to Fix It

If you are a returning reader of our Blog posts, as of late we have written quite a few blogs about posting to the wrong period, customer, etc. Let’s face it, mistakes can happen and thank goodness Dynamics SL has a fix for just about everything, except maybe your kitchen sink!

All jokes aside, in my experience, posting a batch to a wrong location is not as frustrating as when, well, it just won’t post! You got it, you hit the post button and sure enough, that batch isn’t going anywhere.

In all seriousness, the very first thing to do is to take a look in the Event log viewer for an error log. If it is an inactive subaccount, then you can:

1) Post and correct with JE

  1. a) Activate subaccount
  2. b) Post the batch
  3. c) Create JE to correct posting to different subaccount

Screen shots always help to make sure that we are taking the correct steps. Here is what you will be looking for in the event log viewer.

Fix AP Batch in Dynamics SL 

2) Use Initialize Mode to correct

  1. Turn on Initialize Mode (You many need to be logged in as Sysadmin in order to have Initialize Mode rights)
  2. b) Open the batch in Journal Entry Screen
  3. c) Change subaccount and post

 Microsoft Dynamics SL Fix AP Batch

There you have it. Now, if you’ve followed these steps correctly, your batch that was stuck should be ready and willing to post!

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