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AR Payment Reversals in Dynamics SL

AR Payment Reversals in Dynamics SL

Most of us would agree, we all like to get paid! It is particularly important as a business owner that you receive payments in a timely fashion. Once the payment is received, and posted, it is business as usual. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen when posting payments. A common mistake is that the payment gets posted to the wrong customer.

Ok, so you posted a payment to the wrong customer. Now, the important question is, how can it be corrected?

There are two steps we can take to correct this common mistake.

  • Use the Application Inquiry/Reversal Screen to move the payment to new customer, or should we say, the correct customer!
  • Apply the payment in the payment application screen.

Accounts Receivable Reversal in SL Step 1

Let’s walk through process this step by step and utilize a few screen shots to help guide us along.

1 – Open the application inquiry screen and find the payment.

2- Click to load the payments.

Step 2 AR Reversal SL

3– Find the option to Reclassify Application to New Customer.

4 – Choose the correct customer to post the payment too and then hit the begin processing button at the bottom of the screen.

5 – The system reverses the payment and posts the payment to the correct customer.

AP Reversal in SL

SL AR Reversal

6 – And then lastly, let’s post the payment to an open invoice for the correct customer.

Accounts Receivable Reversal in SL

So, there you have it. Breathe easy knowing that the right customer will be paying for their invoice and you just avoided that dreadful phone call where you end up asking “Are you sure your check is in the mail?”


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