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Backing Up Dynamics SL Data

Backing Up Dynamics SL Data

Do you know if your Dynamics SL data and files are being backed up daily? Have you tested restoring your backup files?

Backing up the Dynamics SL databases and certain program files is an essential part of your daily system maintenance and disaster recovery plan. Your accounting data is being updated daily, so it’s important to back up that updated data each day. If your server goes down or your database is inaccessible, a good back up will mean you’ll only lose one day’s worth of work, at most.
Here’s what should be backed up daily:

  1. The Dynamics SL application database
  2. The Dynamics SL system database
  3. The FRx 6.7 folder in the Dynamics SL installation area (if you are using FRx)
  4. The Usr_Rpts folder in the Dynamics SL installation area

If you have backups of these files and folders, it’s possible to restore your data, FRx reports and any custom reports easily to another server or restore your Dynamics SL data in case any data corruption occurs.
The Dynamics SL application and system databases can be backed up by setting up a maintenance plan in SQL Server. These backups can be saved to the SQL Server for a number of days specified in the maintenance plan and then the maintenance plan will delete the backup. I usually recommend saving the database backups for a week. Existing SQL maintenance plans can be viewed in SQL Server Management Studio > Management > Maintenance Plans. Check to see if the maintenance plan has a Backup Database Task.

Part of a good backup plan is to periodically test restoring the backups. I recommend testing the restore process quarterly.


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