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Bringing the Year in for a Landing: Automating Expense Management for an Easier Close

Bringing the Year in for a Landing: Automating Expense Management for an Easier Close

The year end can be a stressful time—especially for those who have the seemingly insurmountable task of approving last-minute expense reports, reimbursing employees, and filing transactions. With the busiest expense day of the year on the horizon, and so much work to do before you can even think about printing 1099s and closing the books for the year.

However, if you take charge, start planning, and develop an action path today, you can greatly reduce the stress, anxiety and disdain that comes for the end of the year. Additionally, if you learn the keys to automation, you can actually learn to love the end of the year—knowing that you won’t spend the next few weeks scanning papers and fixing errors.

This is why we would like to invite you to learn more about automation, simplifying year-end, and paper reduction at an upcoming webcast titled How to Bring the Year in for a Landing.

Join Concur and Wipfli on December 6 for “How to Bring the Year in for a Landing”

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Wipfli’s own Brent Neitz, Senior Sales Manager at Wipfli’s Technology Consulting Practice will present How to Bring the Year in for a Landing, a brief, one-hour webcast on the basics of expense automation, demonstrating how it can lead to time savings, improved transparency and compliance, and increased engagement among employees.

At this webcast, Mr. Neitz will discuss:

  • How to sharpen your current expense process by simplifying steps to file an expense report, including moving from a manual to an automated system (kiss all that paper goodbye).
  • Ensuring your team has the right tools and software to make expense management a smoother, and faster process (empower your team).
  • The power you will gain from an automated and mobile system, including faster reimbursements, and a connected system that offers real-time insights (happy employees all around).
  • Why automating your expense management system now will make tax time easier, not to mention help you get more control over company costs (a collective sigh of relief).

This event is now over, contact us to learn more!


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