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Meet Brittenford at NBOA Annual Meeting 2016

Meet Brittenford at NBOA Annual Meeting 2016

Independent schools across the nation rely on their business officers to make sure everything runs smoothly. Without the hard work of these business officers, the school would be unable to provide the superior educational opportunities to students. The NBOA, or National Business Officers Association, represents these business officers and allows them to network and learn how to better manage their schools and to improve outcomes financially, operationally, and most importantly, educationally.

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NBOA Annual Meeting: February 21-24, 2016

In 2016, Attendees will descend on Los Angeles, California for the National Business Officers Association Annual Meeting, learning how to enhance their schools strategic thinking and planning, getting a view into how the business officer can develop the big picture at the school.

From the NBOA Annual Meeting Brochure:

Independent schools have a lot in common with the movie industry. It takes many people and multiple processes for Hollywood to create a blockbuster! This includes casting, set design, costumes, filming, editing, soundtrack production and distribution to local theatres.

The delivery of an independent school’s mission is created in a similar way. Developing the big picture requires that the many individual parts create a meaningful whole. Operational and academic functions must synch perfectly to build an exceptional educational experience for students and families. It takes sound leadership, as well as the input of departments across campus — academics, business office, admissions, information technology and advancement — to ultimately deliver a world-class education.

Featuring a stellar lineup of speakers—Sal Khan, Founder of Khan Academy; Alison Levine, world-renowned adventurer; Ian Symmonds, president and founder of independent school consultant Ian Symmonds & Associates; Janice Abraham, United Educators (UE) Insurance as president and CEO; Palmer Ball, business manager at Spartanburg Day School; Sacha Litman, founder of Measuring Success; Howard Teibel, president of Teibel, Inc.; and many more—the NBOA is a can’t miss event for forward-looking business officers.

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Brittenford Leadership to Present on 2/24

As a leading provider of financial software to independent and private schools, Brittenford Systems is excited to announce that it will be exhibiting at the event, with Brittenford’s own Brian Dietz joining Roberta Hopkins at Table 9 to present Do’s and Don’ts When Considering a Financial Management System Change, on Wednesday, February 24, 2016.

From the program:

Selecting a new financial management system can seem like a daunting challenge. Hear some do’s and don’ts to help make the process more manageable when selecting a new system. Learn the best methods to begin your selection process and how to choose systems and vendors. Discover which mistakes to avoid during the selection process and things to do to make the process more painless.

Be sure to join us to learn about how you can make smart changes to improve your financial management software while avoiding any pitfalls that could arise during the selection and implementation process.

Ready to learn more? See what Intacct and Brittenford’s SchoolConnect has done to improve the visibility and time savings for client Georgetown Visitation, a leading Catholic preparatory school in the Washington DC area.


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