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Budget Import in Dynamics SL Part 1/3: How to Create an Excel Budget Template and Fill it in Properly

Budget Import in Dynamics SL Part 1/3: How to Create an Excel Budget Template and Fill it in Properly

Microsoft Dynamics SLExcel is a common way in which many build their budgets before they import them into Dynamics SL. Knowing how Excel should be configured to accommodate the budget before the import will save you some time and trouble down the road. Here are a few steps with some details to help you get started!

1. You will need to create an import file for your budget. It must have your budget by account and subaccount and may be split into your accounting periods. The layout of the file is very important or the import will fail.

Below is a description of the columns needed in the file.

How to Import Budget into Dynamics SL

Column Field Name Sample Entry Notes
A Level0 Level0 Level0 for all rows
B Acct 1070 GL Account
C Sub-accct 000000 GL Subaccount No dashes in the subaccount.
D LedgerID Budget Same on all rows Setup in the GL – Ledger Maintenance.
E Fiscal Year 2015 Same on all rows Budget year
F Revision Date 1/1/2015 Same on all rows Date of budget
G Annual Budget 1200.12 Yearly Budget Make sure this is a whole number and that all of the periods are set to 2 decimals without rounding.
H Per1 100.01 Period budget Total for the period
I Per2 100.01 Period budget
J Per3 100.01 Period budget
K Per4 100.01 Period budget
L Per5 100.01 Period budget
M Per6 100.01 Period budget
N Per7 100.01 Period budget
O Per8 100.01 Period budget
P Per9 100.01 Period budget
Q Per10 100.01 Period budget
R Per11 100.01 Period budget
S Per12 100.01 Period budget
T Distribution Method M M for all rows M = manual entry for spread of the budget


2. Once the file is created, it must be saved as a Comma Delimited format (CSV). This will be used in the import process.

3. For the final step, you will need to review the saved file, open it in Notepad. This will allow you to see the file as a comma delimited.

Excel Budget Import for SL

4. Lastly, once the spreadsheet has been reviewed in Notepad, you are ready for the import.   Watch for Part 2 for details on how to perform the import into SL.


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