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Budget Import in Dynamics SL Part 2/3: How to perform the Excel budget import

Budget Import in Dynamics SL Part 2/3: How to perform the Excel budget import

Microsoft Dynamics SLBudgeting can be a cumbersome process at best. Most work in the realm of Excel Spreadsheets to prepare their budget. (BTW – there is a better solution). In the first blog we helped you create a budget in Excel, leading the way for a smooth import. Once the budget has been prepared and approved, how do you import that data into MS Dynamics SL?

See Part 1 Here

Let’s go step by step on performing your budget import into SL.

Instructions for Import

Control Macro Generator

A. Log in as Sysadmin or a User who has Administrator rights

B. Click on the Administration Group on Left bar.

Instructions for Importing Budget into SL from Excel

If Administration is not available, locate the ALL modules group at the bottom of left

Find Administration in All Modules SL


C. Under Utilities Section, select Control Macro Generator

SL Budget Import Control Macro Generator

D. F3 on SCREEN: select 0125000 – Budget Maintenance.

E. Change Control File Type to Simple.

F. Click Browse button.

G. Browse to your SLApplicationsImport folder on the SL Server.

Import Budget Dynamics SL Tutorial

H. Enter File Name as: Budget-Simple. CTL.

I. Click Open.

J. Click – OK.

K. Repeat steps but Select: “control file type” of INTELLIGENT.

L. Enter File name as: Budget-Intel.CTL.

M. Click – OK. The system will create the CTL needed for the import.

N. Close the screen.

Transaction Import (Administration Module, Utilities)

In Administration, Utilities, Click on Transaction Import

A. Data File Name: F3- Browse to the SLImport directory.

B. Change Files of Type: to All files.

Import Transactions Dynamics SL

C. File name: Select your CSV data file you created for the import

D. Data File Type = Always ASCII

E. Screen – F3 to select Budget Maintenance – 0125000.

F. Control file Name: F3- Browse to the SLApplicationsImport folder.

  • Select the: Budget-Intelligent.CTL.
  • This is the file created with the Control Macro Generator.

G. Output Log file – F3 – browse to SolomonImport- name the file ERROR.log.

H. Uncheck “Run Minimize”

I. Click Options button at bottom of screen.

Import Transactions into SL

J. Select – Edit Only, ALL Import DATA and 20 errors.

K. Click Ok.

L. Click Begin Processing. This will run through your import file and report errors.

M. Click on “Edit Errors” button.

Edit Errors Transaction Import Excel

N. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view number of errors. If errors found, you will need to locate them in the import file, correct errors and try again to import. Once your have a successful import with 0 errors, you may run it to completion.

Editing Errors SL Transaction Import

O. When no errors occur, you may import and post. Click the “Options” button

P. Select Combined Edit and Update

SL Budget Import

Q. OK. Begin Processing.

R. Review the Log file again to be sure there weren’t any additional errors.

S. You may print a Trial balance to see Budget or Detailed GL, or create an FRx report to view your entries.

T. You may make changes in the GL, Budget Maintenance screen.


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