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Canadian Firm Overcomes VAT/HST Complexities with Concur

Canadian Firm Overcomes VAT/HST Complexities with Concur

If you do business in Canada, your organization faces an arduous process of calculating value-added tax within a financial system in order to recapture the correct amount of money paid. This becomes challenging, time consuming, and risky—often facing fines if the business claims too much tax credit, or losses due to unrecovered taxes for claiming too little.

The Challenge: Calculating HST Taxes in Ontario

For organizations like Grand Valley Fortifiers, the organization’s accounting team faced a common challenge to calculate reimbursements:  Employees collected paper receipts, manually populated an Excel template, printed a cover sheet for each report, stapled accompanying receipts, and then delivered the batch to Accounts Payable – where one person would go through another series of manual steps to calculate reclaimable tax before entering the claims into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This process took hours and left the AP team buried in paperwork—even for the accounts payable manager who had memorized each GL code. All in all, the process was costing Grand Valley Fortifiers 12 hours per month.

Concur Travel and Expense Management and Brittenford ExpenseConnect: A Two Pronged Solution

To overcome this challenge, Grand Valley Fortifiers turned to Concur Travel and Expense Management, receiving the tools needed to automate the expense process.

While this was an effective first step, Grand Valley needed more. The organization wanted to save even more time by automatically allocating the taxes in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Wes Farquharson, IT Manager for GVF, was looking for a way to bring the allocated expenses into GP, quoted “Since Concur automatically calculates and allocates taxes, all we needed to complete the system was a flexible product that could import the fields required to fully generate AP transactions without the need for modifications.”

To address this, GVF found Brittenford ExpenseConnect using the Concur App Center. “Our goal was to be able to download claims as needed and create an AP batch with little to no interaction,” Farquharson says.

They leveraged Concur’s App Center partner network and selected Brittenford’s ExpenseConnect. “We had a great implementation specialist that understood very well our needs as well as Ontario’s HST taxes,” he says. Deployment was done remotely and onboarding took only three weeks.

The results? By eliminating the need to manually transfer expense claims to AP transactions within Dynamics GP, GVF was able to process hundreds of claims, cutting a process that initially took 8-12 hours down to 30 minutes, resulting in less time spent and lower costs required to reimburse employees.

See More: Full Case Study

View the entire case study by clicking here, or view the embedded case study below:

Learn More: Brittenford ExpenseConnect

Brittenford Systems has developed a wide variety of integrations to help your organization tear down organizational silos and save you time and money. Whether you need to integrate your accounting software with Travel & Expense Management, Invoice Management, Student Management, Tuition Payment Systems, CRM, or build a complete ecosystem of applications, Brittenford Systems has the connector for you: for Intacct or Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Learn More about ExpenseConnect for Dynamics GP

Learn More about ExpenseConnect for Intacct

Travel Expense Management and Accounting Integration Infographic

Learn how you can take your savings gained by using Concur Expense further by integrating it with your choice of accounting software—Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, or Intacct. The following Infographic shows you just how much this simple integration can benefit your business.


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