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Capitalizing on the Low TCO of Cloud Accounting

Capitalizing on the Low TCO of Cloud Accounting

When you’re a growing business, you need each of your decisions to contribute to this growth. With this in mind, certain investments like accounting software or ERP need to be capable both today and in the future—without bankrupting your business at its current state.

How the Cloud Has Changed the Way Growing Companies Do Business

As little as ten years ago, this was a painful dilemma: “should we drop massive amounts of money right now on on-premises software, or should we use what we have today, knowing that the software is incapable of growth or automation?”

Today, however, there is an option built for growing businesses that provides lower upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go (and pay as you grow) model—all while offering advanced features and functionality you could have only dreamt of when buying a comparably priced solution in 2010. This model is the cloud, and when used for your accounting and ERP, you can recognize higher ROI, shorter payback periods, and lower total cost of ownership.

Simply put, cloud providers—especially cloud providers in a market as saturated as accounting and ERP—are ready to earn your business each and every year. This, compared to traditional on-premises vendors who force you to buy a multi-year license as well as the hardware to run your software; offering slow, lacking innovation and long upgrade cycles that demonstrate apathy to its clients. By moving to the cloud, businesses can:

  • Save time and money over your current solution by automating and streamlining your processes
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Offer Real-Time Visibility
  • Cut out the overreliance on IT to make minor fixes
  • Receive automatic updates without paying more
  • Gain higher levels of security than they could afford—all while getting anytime, anywhere access.

While this event has passed, we welcome you to learn more about how to make the most of your cloud journey with these resources from Intacct:


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