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Case Study: Contractor Turns to Wipfli for Accounting Software

Case Study: Contractor Turns to Wipfli for Accounting Software

The HVAC field is a intensely competitive landscape, with profit margins often running as low as 5-7% for many companies. This leaves little room for error, and companies are rightfully focused on providing the high level of service that clients expect and deserve. For companies like Ressac, a high quality, low cost commercial contractor for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, who live on customer focus, accounting had become an afterthought.

Service First Ressac Needed a Back Office Savior

As customer service thrived, the company grew, and accounting was struggling to keep up with the compounding needs that came with company growth.

With Service a Top Priority, Accounting was an Afterthought

With this in mind, their current system, an outdated version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, was unable to keep up, leaving little to no transparency and forcing finance leaders to double-key information.

“We were so focused on making improvements to the service side including customer service and earning more revenue that accounting was an afterthought,” explains Nick Rohan, CEO at Ressac. “We lacked real-time visibility into our financial information,” he says, “and we had to double key everything.”

Ressac Needed Integration

What made it harder was the fact that their system didn’t integrate with another necessary software for their business: ServiceTrade. While ServiceTrade provided all of the necessary customer engagement, sales, marketing, scheduling and operational functions, it was much more modern than their outdated accounting software, and accountants had to double-key everything from AP to AR to hours and billing.

“Connecting to the old accounting system was cumbersome,” Mr. Rohan explains, “and we had a lot of issues getting into the system.”

And with no AP approval process in place, service managers had to approve purchases, which took them away from more strategic job related activities and created time consuming invoicing of their clients.

Additionally, data siloed within spreadsheets led to inefficient and time consuming reporting processes throughout the organization.

To improve visibility and to cut down on overhead, Ressac turned to Wipfli for a cloud-based solution to meet their needs. Thanks to a recommendation from ServiceTrade, Ressac turned to Sage Intacct for accounting and Wipfli to get them there.

The Results?

Now, thanks to Sage Intacct, Ressac is able to improve their reporting, getting real-time visibility into their numbers, and taking advantage of the accuracy provided by Sage Intacct’s integration with ServiceTrade. Read the entire case study here, or by taking a look at the embedded SlideShare document.


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