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How CFOs Can Take Command of Their Future with Modern Technology

How CFOs Can Take Command of Their Future with Modern Technology

There’s a lot of talk about “embracing your future.” From the cheesy motivational posters of the 90s and 2000s encouraging persistence, innovation, or ambition to modern day claims of disruption in every industry, the world is changing, you need to keep up, but you can’t forge ahead blindly.

The business world is changing, and “keeping up” isn’t enough. It pays to get ahead. But how can you find out and embrace what’s next? Where can you learn how to handle increasing data and competition? How can you forge ahead? We’d like to invite you to a webcast for the data-driven CFO looking to learn the answers to all of these questions and grow his or her business in 2018 and beyond.

Faster and More Challenging Than Ever

If it feels like the world is moving faster than ever, it’s probably because it is. With new technologies being introduced, disruptors able to move more quickly than ever, and increasing domestic and global competition, the pressure is on the CFO to develop a strategy and hire the right people to execute.

However, without the right information about the past, present, and future, the finance department can’t make decisions quickly and the CFO can’t effectively play the “long game.”

For companies without the right plans, technologies, and processes in place, the ever-increasing amount of data and the more aggressive competition could spell disaster for slow-moving firms. To address this, we would like to invite you to an event focused on helping the CFO to embrace modern technologies in order to adapt to the modern competitive environment. Scheduled for February 27, you can learn more about this event below, or register here.

February 27: How CFO’s Gain Control with Technology Software Improvements

Rapid change in technology has become a big source of pressure on company finance and accounting teams. Finance departments are undergoing waves of disruption as new technologies transform their operations. However, embracing this technology will transform your role as a tech-savvy CFO, and ultimately, your business. Learn how to strengthen internal controls while improving financial reporting, enhancing security, and providing better decision-making!

Updating technology requires an initial investment of time and resources, but it can pay off in terms of:

  • Gaining a competitive edge with the acceleration of processes
  • Avoiding inaccurate data, manual tasks, and lengthy turnaround times
  • Empowering your teams with greater visibility into real-time business performance
  • Expanding lines of communication and harnessing the power of the team

Scheduled for February 27 at 1:00 PM EST, this event will feature Brian Dietz, Partner at Wipfli and expert in the financial technology world, who will discuss the present and future of accounting and ERP software.


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