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Don’t let Sage Intacct Decimals in Order Entry/Purchasing Get you Down!

Don’t let Sage Intacct Decimals in Order Entry/Purchasing Get you Down!

Are you aware that in the Order Entry/Purchasing setup, the default decimal places can be different from the 2 decimal places that is set up in the Order Entry Configuration?  They can!

Changing Decimal Place on Unit Price

To set up an item with a different number of decimal places for unit price, go to the Advanced tab of the item and enter the decimal places under the Precision section:

In doing this, you can now enter the item in the transactions and enter a Unit Price with 6 decimal places. Note: If the client wants to change the decimal places of the Quantity, that can be achieved by setting it up in the Unit of Measure.

Decimals in wrong place Intacct

Intacct Decimal Order Entry


Pretty simple fix, don’t you agree?  Just a few additional steps and you’re on your way to tracking your dollars and cents in the format, which makes “sense” to you.

Do you need advanced Intacct Support? Contact our support team for help. Looking for other tips and tricks on managing Intacct? Learn more from the FAQs and tips below:

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