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CIO Reading List: Top Blogs for the Aspiring or Evolving CIO

CIO Reading List: Top Blogs for the Aspiring or Evolving CIO

As a CIO, it’s important to stay up to date with all of the latest in your field. It’s also important to focus on the best of the best so that you’re not getting overwhelmed with new content, because, as you know, you have an IT strategy to manage.

Who We’re Reading

We as well like to stay up with the latest news that affects CIOs. While some of the following are the standard bearers for CIOs (we hope you’re already reading CIO and Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal), we hope you learn something new from one of these. Additionally, be sure to follow our social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter) as we share some of our favorites from each of the following.

If you haven’t done so already, here are some places to get the latest news:

Standard Bearers

  • CIO Journal (20 Stories/Week): See who’s going where, as well as a multitude of discussions on the future of the profession from Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal. Providing the latest in technology news, insights and more, CIO Journal is one of the standard bearers in the IT community. Read it here.
  • TechTarget (1 Story/Week): A network of forums, two of which being SearchCIO.com and TotalCIO, TechTarget has the news and views not only for your job title, but your industry and software focuses as well. Check out TotalCIO for more.
  • Forbes CIO Next (17 Stories/Week): Part of the Forbes Media empire, CIO Next is a more focused version of Forbes-Tech (587 Stories/week), and has a great deal of new content each week for the CIO looking for industry news. Read it here.

News and Advice

  • CIO Insight (6 Stories/Week): Calling itself the voice of the CIO Community, CIO Insight offers a variety of news and advice for CIOs. Topics include Analytics, Cloud Computing, Collaboration, Security, Social Media, and more. Check out CIO Insight for more.
  • CIO Today (42 Stories/Week): One of the more news-focused sources, CIO Today is one of the most frequent posters on the list. Delivering news and legal analysis for the IT industry, you can read more about CIO Today here.
  • com: CIO.com delivers the latest tech news, analysis, how-to, blogs, and video for IT professionals. While the entire site puts out a lot of content each week (264 stories/week), you are able to subscribe to feeds that match your interests: IT Strategy (9 Stories/week), Cloud Computing (14 Stories/week), Security, Operating Systems, Mobile, and More.
  • Future of CIO (20 Stories/week): Touted as a source of advice for the 21st Century CIO, the Future of CIO provides advice and interviews on how CIOs can innovate and thrive. Read Future of CIO on Blogspot.

Analyst Blogs

  • Forrester Blog for CIOs: Forrester has a multitude of blogs for different business roles including CIO, Application Development, Enterprise Architecture, and more. See all of their blogs to the right of their blog home page.
  • Gartner Blog Network: Gartner as a whole has a lot of good information for leaders throughout the organization. While many of the blogs are designed to convince you to buy their research, the blogs put forth information on better managing your business. Check out the Gartner Blog Network here.

Voices from the Industry

  • I-CIO: I – Global Intelligence for the CIO is a digital platform for the elite of information technology management — the CIOs, CTOs, chief digital officers and other leaders whose remit is to create competitive advantage and profitable growth through the application of IT in business. Sponsored by Fujitsu, the source covers some of the most important topics of the day.
  • OpenText Blogs (12 Stories/Week): Covering products, services, and insights from OpenText, much of what is published is designed to help IT decision makers live more easily, covering information management, enterprise content, digital transformation and more. Read it here.
  • Perficient: Perficient Transform blog posts include insights on change management, integration, analytics, digital experience, business optimization strategies, and more (via Docurated). Read the Perficient blog here.
  • Cisco Blog Network: A large network of blogs for the IT and networking communities, Cisco blogs covers many of the topics for which they consult and install. Learn more and subscribe on the Cisco Blog Network.

For even more, see the following: Docurated Top 50 Blogs for the CIO, ExpertDB 19 Must Read Websites for CIOs, Onion ID 25 Must Read Blogs for CIOs. Have any to add? Share in the comments below and we may add it to our list.

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