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Clean Up Your Vendor List in Dynamics GP

Clean Up Your Vendor List in Dynamics GP

Is your Dynamics GP vendor list full of old vendors you would like to delete, but can’t because they have a history? Here’s a simple solution.

Temporary Vendors can be deleted much easier than deleting Active Vendors. You will NOT lose transaction history; but the only way you can see the history is in the Document, not Vendor.

One important tip to keep in mind is any deleted Vendor IDs SHOULD NOT be re-used. If a Vendor ID is re-used the transaction detail from the original vendor will be attached to the new vendor.

To delete a temporary vendor there are a few things that need to be met:

  • The vendor balance must be zero
  • The 1099 amount for the current year must be zero
  • There can be no un-posted transactions for the vendor and no open purchase orders

The next step is to pull a SmartList of all vendors and decide which vendors to delete. Once you have made your selection go into the vendor maintenance card and change their status from Active to Temporary, then click Delete.

To verify the transactions are still there go to Inquiry>Purchasing>Transaction by Document.

Highlight a transaction from the vendor you just deleted and click document number to open the Payables Transaction Entry Zoom Window.

Here you can see the Document says Vendor Name is not found but all the transaction detail is still there.


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