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Accordia Implements Intacct Accounting System – Case Study

Accordia Implements Intacct Accounting System – Case Study

Accordia Upgrades to Intacct Brittenford Case StudyAccordia Global Health Foundation partnered with Brittenford Systems to implement an Intacct Financial Accounting System. Accordia is a non-profit organization that invests in strengthening African health systems, not only to address today’s need to fight HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, but also to prepare a new generation of African healthcare leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.

Previously, Accordia had been using QuickBooks to maintain their accounting books. Before upgrading to Intacct, they had a number of requirements. As a non-profit organization, they needed financial and grant reporting capabilities within the financial system. In addition, Accordia needed to be able to access this anywhere with dashboards that would provide grant managers access to reports and real time information on a view-only basis. Other requirements included the ability to import daily or weekly transactions into the General Ledger and Accounts Payable.

There were a number of challenges Accordia faced with their current system. QuickBooks did not have the capability to track grants, which led them to maintaining that in Excel. In addition, they did not have the infrastructure set in place to support an on-premise solution. Intacct  proved to be more cost-effective and had a higher ROI than their current QuickBooks system.

Director of Finance, Huilian Ji says, “As a non-profit dedicated to fighting infectious diseases in Africa, we take great care to steward our funding sources and administrative resources wisely so that we invest more in the mission and less in back-office support for it. Brittenford Systems understood that and put Accordia on the path to increasing our efficiency, providing visibility for our stakeholders, with a solution that has the best ROI and the lowest total cost of ownership. They were very knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

In the end, it made sense for Accordia to upgrade to Intacct and the implementation provided a great outcome. Accordia now has the ability to track costs at a number of different levels including funding source, grant, department, events and activities, and more. Grant tracking and reporting is now maintained within Intacct, rather than Excel. Now, the Grant Manager can access the grant reports as well as dashboards of important metrics for their organization.  Along with other results, Intacct has achieved great success for Accordia.

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