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Cloud Computing: A Safe Bet for Growing Businesses

Cloud Computing: A Safe Bet for Growing Businesses

If you missed the Preakness last weekend, you missed one of the more memorable upsets in the horse racing world. Last week, Cloud Computing, a 13-1 contender in the 1 3/16 mile (9.5 Furlough) 142nd Preakness Stakes at Pimlico, rode to an upset of favorite and Kentucky Derby winner Always Dreaming and other favored horses Classic Empire and Lookin at Lee in his first victory since his maiden race.

Win Big When You Choose Cloud Computing

While there are some things to note about the race…

  • The victory was unexpected (Cloud Computing had the highest odds since Oxbow in 2013 (15/1), and was the first horse since Snow Chief in 1986 to win from the second post)
  • The payouts on exotic bets were immense (a $1 Trifecta paid $1,097.30, a $1 Superfecta paid $8,162.80, and anyone lucky enough to pick correctly on a 2-5-8-9-6 “$1 Super High Five” came away with a laughable $283,223.40 (author’s note: who bets $1 on a pentafecta?)).
  • The dream of having a 2017 Triple Crown winner is shattered

…Cloud Computing’s surprise win demonstrates a few important takeaways for your business:

Sometimes the incumbent just can’t keep up

Much like Always Dreaming’s disappointing 8th place finish, many legacy and on-premises applications built before the internet are struggling to hold their own against the competition. For example, Sage continues to lose market share as customers look for cloud native applications and channel partners rush to sell off their Sage practices.

Winning requires not only pace and control, but the ability to win on your terms

Cloud Computing (the horse) is a stalker/presser that can maintain the right trendline throughout the race and outlast the competition in order to secure the victory. The same goes for your business. Picking the right moment to expand and capture the spotlight can be the key to victory.

An example of this is the idea of operating a business that exists somewhere between growing and scaling. Growing a business requires a lot of timely and smart underlying decisions, much like Cloud Computing’s role as a stalker/presser—holding on to third or fourth before ramping up the pace at the end. This compared to early presser Always Dreaming who ran out of gas by the end of the race or closer Senior Investment that pushed the end pace but came up short.

Knowing when to hold steady and when to push for growth is key, and having the groundwork done before you grow your business (such as selecting the right tools to get the job done and grow with you) can allow you to grow quickly without adding a lot of cost.

Smart decisions can pay dividends

While horse racing is thought of by the layperson as a game of luck (and for some people, it is), there is a science to handicapping and selecting a horse as well.

For every 100 people who randomly selected Senior Investment for a third-place finish, there were a few well-researched individuals who saw something in the horse and made the scientific decision on a horse with 30-1 odds to show in the Preakness. The combination of Cloud Computing, Classic Empire, and Senior Investment paid off, and those who picked the combination were rewarded—with $1,097 on a $1 bet.

In business, making a small-but-smart investment in a product can pay dividends for your organization. For example, an investment in a cloud application for your business cuts out many of the upfront costs that come with purchasing software, and can save you money through automation, allowing you to grow at your own pace—without taking on staff, increasing IT costs, or relying on manual effort to get the job done.

Buy With Confidence: Choosing Cloud Computing for Your Business is a Safe Bet

While betting on horse racing is risky, taking your business processes to the cloud is not. Not only has the cloud become a viable business driver over the past decade, it has become a safe choice for companies looking to save time and money.

One such guarantee in cloud computing is Intacct’s Buy with Confidence Guarantee. The Intacct Buy with Confidence guarantee outlines the level of service you can expect from Intacct, including promises they have kept and will continue to keep:

  • 99.8% Uptime Guaranteed (backed up with 99.986% delivered)
  • Disaster Recovery backed up by Quality Technology Services—the global leader in disaster recovery services—who promises that in the unlikely case of a disaster, your applications will be available within 24 hours and you will lose no more than two hours of data.
  • The promise that you do and always will own your own data, and may download this data at any time. In fact, if you ever decide to leave Intacct, they will help you get your data out of their systems.

Airtight and customer focused, the Intacct Buy with Confidence Guarantee is one of the strongest in the industry. Simply put, this is one bet on Cloud Computing that is always a winner.

We welcome you to read the resources below, and to contact us for more details.


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