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Congratulations to All of the Concur App Center Partners of the Year

Congratulations to All of the Concur App Center Partners of the Year

Concur Fusion 2017 has ended, and we are proud to announce that we’ve taken home another trophy for our work in the Concur App Center for our Dynamics and Intacct connectors—ExpenseConnect for Dynamics AX/GP/SL, InvoiceConnect for Dynamics AX/GP/SL, ExpenseConnect for Intacct, InvoiceConnect for Intacct.

But we weren’t the only ones to walk away with an App Center Partner of the Year Award, we joined eight other App Center Partners to win awards.

New and Old Faces on the Partner of the Year List

We are excited to see our name on this list of App Center Partners of the Year once again, but we’d like to congratulate many of the other partners that make Concur great: Rocketrip (Innovation), Taxback International (Revenue), Monaeo (Sales Strategy), Business Visa HQ (Newcomer), Apexconnect (Acceleration), MedPro International (Strategic Industries), Oversight Systems (Wingman), Pivot Payables (Field Engagement)

Taxback International: App Center Partner of the Year—Revenue Award

Overview: Seamlessly integrate Concur Expense with Taxback International. Taxback International will provide a Free VAT Refund report and outline steps to recover the VAT. Learn more about Taxback International on the Concur App Center.

Pivot Payables: App Center Partner of the Year—Field Engagement Award

Overview: PivotPrime generates billing statements from both Concur Expense and Concur Invoice depending on your needs. PivotPrime runs in the background pulling all approved expense and invoice transactions, making them available to generate billing statements. Learn more about Pivot Payables in the Concur App Center.

Oversight Systems: App Center Partner of the Year—Wingman Award

Overview: Expense integration that leverages pre-defined analytics to identify potential fraud, waste and abuse within your T&E program. Learn more about Oversight Solutions on the Concur App Center.

MedPro: App Center Partner of the Year—Strategic Industries

Overview: MedPro Systems’ industry leading connector allows real-time access to the MedProID database via Concur Expense to facilitate accurate HCP data capture for transparency reporting. Learn more about MedPro Expense on the Concur App Center. Additionally, Learn more about their Invoice Solution for Healthcare Organizations here.

Rocketrip: App Center Partner of the Year—Innovation

Overview: Rocketrip cuts corporate travel costs by incentivizing employees to spend less on their flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars using smart budgets, real rewards, and integrated reporting. Learn more about Rocketrip on the Concur App Center.

Apexconnect: App Center Partner of the Year—Acceleration

Overview: Apexconnect’s Core Connector Platform™ integrates invoice, expense, project assignments and HR data between Concur, your ERP, and HR systems via a bi-directional sync. Learn more about Apexconnect here.

Business Visa HQ: App Center Partner of the Year—Newcomer Award

Overview: VisaHQ has reimagined visa and passport services for modern travel programs by combining innovative technology with personalized service, increased transparency, and duty of care. Learn more about Business VisaHQ Here.

Monaeo: App Center Partner of the Year—Sales Strategy

Overview: Monaeo helps companies use their Concur data to manage costly tax and payroll risks created by business travel between states or countries. Learn more about Monaeo on the Concur App Center.

Learn more about Brittenford ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect

A little bit of self-congratulations as well, both for our long-standing solutions for businesses as well as our continually expanding connector base focused on making the lives of travelers, travel managers, and finance professionals easier. We are excited to once again be awarded the Concur App Center Partner of the Year, this year for Volume, and look forward to another great year helping Concur to work towards delivering The Perfect Trip.

Learn more about our software offerings by clicking below:

ExpenseConnect InvoiceConnect
·         ExpenseConnect for Intacct

·         ExpenseConnect for Dynamics AX

·         ExpenseConnect for Dynamics GP

·         ExpenseConnect for Dynamics SL

·         InvoiceConnect for Intacct

·         InvoiceConnect for Dynamics AX

·         InvoiceConnect for Dynamics GP

·         InvoiceConnect for Dynamics SL



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