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Creating a Customized Business Alert in Dynamics GP 10

Creating a Customized Business Alert in Dynamics GP 10

In last month’s blog I showed you how to activate business alerts in Microsoft Dynamics GP10 (see “Monitor Business Activity with Alert Feature in Dynamics GP“). The next step is to create your own customized business alert by defining an alert formula based on your specific needs. I’ll show you how.

But first…a little bonus…here are my 4 favorite out-of-the-box business alerts:


1. “Checkbook balance below zero dollars” – to notify controllers of their cash status.

2. “Receivables past due” – to alert collections and receivables staff of customers that need to be contacted.

3. “Customers who have exceeded their credit limits” – this alert can also be setup to alert collections and receivables staff of customers that need to be contacted.

4. “Payables past due” – notifies the payables department of those invoices that are a priority to be paid.


Now, to define your own alert definition go to Microsoft Dynamics GP>Tools>Setup>System>Business Alerts


Select Create New Alert. You will need to identify the company database, provide a business alert ID and description.


Now you will need to select the tables to be used in the alert; this step will be the hardest.

Below I select Series of Purchasing, and tables and the PM Transaction Open File for posted, but not fully applied documents, and PM Vendor Master File to retrieve the vendor name.



Next you have to create a relationship between the two tables.


Note: To have both tables field populate in the select columns portion of the window you need to hold down the shift key and select both tables.


Following my example, I selected the vendor id field from both tables.



After that step, you need to create the restriction on when to be notified.


Using my example, I want to set the restriction to say the document amount cannot be greater than or equal to $5000. To do this I selected PM20000_T1 from the drop down in the “table” field. In the “column name” field I selected document amount then clicked “Add column.” Then I selected the greater than or equal to symbol and entered 5000 as the constant then clicked “add constant.”




Now you have to select how you want to be notified. Your choices are by email address and/or a user id. If you want the notification to go to a user id you will notice that the “send” will grey out, allowing you only to send a message. Here I have select the ‘sa’ user.



Finally, you will need to create a schedule of when the system checks to see if the business alert criteria have been met.


Going back to my example, I selected the system check every 15 minutes. I also selected the business alert to never end.



Once you click finish you have created your business alert!


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  1. Larry Weaver 2 years ago

    I didn’t realize that you can use Dynamics GP software to notify controllers of their cash status. My brother is looking to start up a local business, and he’s been scratching his head as to how we will keep track of his income and expenses. Maybe it would be a good idea if he looked into getting this type of software to help him out.

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