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Customer Satisfaction Puts Intacct atop G2 Crowd Awards

Customer Satisfaction Puts Intacct atop G2 Crowd Awards

G2 Crowd Accounting SatisfactionLooking to know who’s among the best of the best when it comes to helping financial management and accounting customers not only to operate more effectively but to also find support when they need it? With many different ratings sites out there, it’s hard to know which rankings come from real users and which come from the company’s PR department.

G2 Crowd: Providing Real Reviews from Real Customers

This is where G2 Crowd comes into play. Launched in 2013 by former software marketers who saw that reviews were rarely honest, G2Crowd is touted as a transparent, unbiased peer generated reviews with validations based on LinkedIn profiles.

Best of 2014 Awards for Accounting Software

With over 25,700 reviews, the site launched its “Best of 2014 Awards” to recognize winners in various categories and rationales. Part of the awards announcement was the comparison based on customer satisfaction broken down by industry.

In the accounting section, these validated reviews found that among the three accounting software solutions, only one was built for mid-market businesses.

That software? Intacct Cloud Accounting and Financial Management.

What Customers Are Saying About Intacct

To garner an award in a saturated market, Intacct had to do something pretty special to stand above other mid-market competitors like Sage and NetSuite.

They did this by providing quality throughout the process, from sales to implementation to ongoing support and training.

Specifically, the 4.1 rating out of 5.0 comes from the following satisfaction factors:

  • “Getting it right” in the world of Accounting
  • Always listening to what the end user wants and focuses on getting the best product out there for EVERYONE.
  • Flexibility, time savings, greater transparency
  • Ease of use for employees
  • Accessibility
  • Integration
  • Multi-Dimensional reporting
  • Less Reliance on spreadsheets

For all of 117 reviews, including recommendations for others considering Intacct, check out the full G2 Crowd Intacct Page.

Join over 8,500 Satisfied Customers

It has been said that you should never do something for the sake of awards, because awards should come from being the best. These unsolicited reviews of the software and respective award coming from said reviews supports one thing—that Intacct is built to satisfy end users.

As a value-added reseller of Intacct Financial Management Software, Brittenford Systems helps organizations every day to implement and operate their software, offering customizations based on industry and business need.

Learn more about Intacct on our product page and see how we can customize the product for your specific industry, so that you can join the 8,500+ satisfied Intacct customers. See who we’ve helped by learning more from the case studies below:


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