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Customizing Standard Reports in Sage Intacct by Creating Your Own Account Groups

Customizing Standard Reports in Sage Intacct by Creating Your Own Account Groups

How to Create Custom Account Groups in IntacctWhy would one want to consider using Account Groups in Intacct?

Basically, with Intacct Quickstart templates, you get a set of standard Account Categories that are used in standard financial reports. If you want to customize the standard reports, you can use the Account Categories they created or create a new Account Group. You can’t create a new account category. The new Account group may include one GL account, multiple accounts, or multiple account categories or account groups. These groups and or categories are then used in the reports. 

Now let’s walk through the process.

How to Create an Account Group in Intacct

An account category is a “tag” on a GL account that marks the account for membership in one or more of the standard, built-in ACCOUNT GROUPS. The groups are different depending on the Quickstart templates selected during your implementation. The standard groups are either service industry, general, or Not for Profit.

These built-in account groups are used for the preconfigured financial reports that come with the Quickstart templates. If you choose not to use account categories, you will need to build your own account groups and financial reports or amend the Quickstart financial reports to use your custom account groups.

Account Categories only show in companies that have been setup using Quickstart Financials.  Categories cannot be personalized, or added to the system.  The only categories available are the current system categories.  Additionally, there is not a place in Intacct to see a list of categories besides when selecting them for an account group or an account.

1) A group of categories can be created or edited, by going to General Ledger > Records > Accounts Groups.

Custom Intacct Account Groups

2) Here an account group can be created with the member type of “Category” this will allow you to group system categories together for reporting purposes.

Customizing an Intacct Account Group

3) You can use the Flipview in the top right corner to sort the view by GL Account to help identify accounts per group.

Intacct Tutorial Account Groups

Similar to folders this tip will provide you with categories in order to customize and streamline your reporting processes.  Thus saving you time and money.


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