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Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations: Additional Capabilities (Part 2)

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations: Additional Capabilities (Part 2)

From workflows to currency controls to document reporting, these additional capabilities work throughout the entire platform to make the software better, easier to use, and more powerful. In part one of this series, we explored some of the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations including auditing, cost management, reporting, and more. Today, we would like to continue this series with even more additional features that make Dynamics 365 such a powerful product, ranging from its ability to fit into manufacturing environments, service firms, and more.

Note: This blog continues our dive into the basics of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations software (formerly Finance and Operations—Enterprise, not to be confused with Business Essentials), following our discussions on Financial Management, Inventory Management, the Sales Module within F&O, Purchasing, and Project Management. In upcoming blogs, we will spend time discussing the evolution of each module in recent updates since the product was released (as we did for the Project Management functionality).

Dynamics 365 for Financials Features

Additional Functionality in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Part 2


Different currencies, different tax codes, different reporting—everything is different when you operate a global business. Dynamics 365 is designed for the global business and includes functionality for the country/regions documented in the International product availability guide. This functionality is enabled based on the primary address of the active legal entity. As the product continues to evolve, features will be added for multiple countries and blocs to make the software more powerful—no matter where you operate.

Human Resources

While Dynamics 365 does have a powerful talent software, the human resources functionality in finance and operations allows businesses the power to simplify their processes as they pertain to hiring and staffing your organization, as well as giving your human resources team an oversight framework. From recruitment to onboarding to training and more, human resources in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations brings important functionality to answer larger business needs.

Learn more about the importance of aligning finance and human resources from our recent blog.


For manufacturing businesses, master planning is an absolute necessity as you work to convert raw materials into products. Master planning within Microsoft Dynamics 365 was built for the modern manufacturing business, allowing companies to determine and balance the future need for raw materials and capacity to meet company goals. Master planning assesses the following:

  • What raw materials and capacities are currently available?
  • What raw materials and capacities are required to complete production? For example, what must be manufactured, purchased, transferred, or set aside as safety stock before you can complete production.

From the master plan itself to master planning between related companies to the flexibility to handle the changing needs with forecast planning, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations makes master planning easier than ever.


Some decisions can’t wait for Monday, or for a key decision maker to get back to the office. As Dynamics has continued to evolve, Dynamics 365 has made its mobile applications user friendly, robust, and available on every device. After your IT admin enables the mobile workspaces for your organization, users can sign in to the app and immediately begin to run business processes from their mobile devices. The mobile app includes the following features that can help increase productivity:

  • Users can view, edit, and act on business data, even if they have intermittent network connectivity or their mobile devices are completely offline. When a device reestablishes a network connection, offline data operations are automatically synchronized with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
  • IT admins or developers can build and publish mobile workspaces that have been tailored to their organization. The app uses your existing code assets. Therefore, you don’t have to re-implement your validation procedures, business logic, or security configuration.
  • IT admins or developers can easily design mobile workspaces by using the point-and-click workspace designer that is included with the web client.
  • IT admins or developers can optionally optimize the offline capabilities of workspaces by using the Business logic extensibility framework. Because data continues to be processed while a device is offline, your mobile scenarios remain rich and fluid, even if devices don’t have constant network connectivity.

Get to Know Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Start integrating, automating, and transforming your business processes today! With Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you can take complete control of your business processes to grow, gain additional visibility, and thrive. We invite you to learn more about Dynamics 365 from Wipfli and to contact us.


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