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What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Part 1

What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Part 1

As always, we would like to discuss some of the new features you can expect in the upcoming iteration of Microsoft Dynamics GP, bringing together all of the GP 2018 Feature of the Day posts shared on the Microsoft blog. You can view the shared OneDrive file here, and learn more by following the Inside Microsoft Dynamics blog.

Today, we would like to explore the basics surrounding the improvements to Comprehensive Document Attach, an important update that makes it easier to attach documents when you need to, where you need to, and when you need to.

This is part one of a three part series. Part two explores the improvements to workflows, and part three looks at other various new features.

Comprehensive Document Attach

One of the most important new features in GP 2018 is the expansion of the document attach functionality. Grouped across various functions, the new comprehensive document attach is the result of user requests for easier access and use. While this highly important user experience functionality could be its own blog, we will briefly discuss each, with links to the blogs and PowerPoint presentations.

What is Document Attach and Why Is This an Important New Feature?

Document Attach enables users to attach multiple documents to Items, Customers, Vendors, Assets and Transactions. It makes it easier and reduces the number of clicks to get information by having instant access to documents like signed documents, W-9’s, Contracts, Credit Reports, Customer POs, pictures.  Any document you can think of can be attached or you could attach a link to a OneDrive site or SharePoint.

Why is this cool?  Sometimes you forget to attach something and post the document. Document Attach was built with the intent to expand based on user needs, and this new functionality expands on the original iteration.

Document Attach Features You Can Expect in GP 2018

Document Attach on Receivables Entry

Microsoft added a user-access feature that is sure to shorten the path to attaching a document in a receivables transaction. Now added to the ribbon in the “Receivables Transaction Entry” window, adding an attachment is easier than ever.

Receivables Transaction Entry Document Attach GP 2018

Document Attach on Employee Inquiry

Similar to the notes on vendors, customers, and projects listed below, you will be able to easily attach notes on the Employee Maintenance screen, accessing the documents from there, as well as from the inquiry window.

Employee Inquiry Feature Document Attach Dynamics GP 2018

Document Attach on I-9 Form

Another ease of access feature, Dynamics will add the document attach to the ribbon on the I-9 form without a corresponding inquiry window, making it easier to attach pertinent documentation easily and where it needs to be accessed.

Document Attach I-( Form Dynamics GP 2018

Document Attachment to Asset General Information Window

Microsoft made it easier to attach documents surrounding fixed assets, adding a document attach button to the general information window and the asset inquiry window.

Fixed Assets Document Attach

GP 2018 Notes on Inquiry Windows

In addition to the document attach features, you can also add notes in locations where it is easy to access them.

Vendor Notes in Vendor Inquiry Window

This makes it easier to add and attach a note on a vendor, and makes it more easily accessible to view these notes where you need to see them. The new ‘add note’ attachment will appear next to the vendor name, as displayed in the image below.

Vendor Inquuiry Notes New Features Dynamics GP 2018

Customer Notes in Customer Inquiry Window

As with the previously mentioned vendor notes and the following on customer notes, you can now attach notes to a customer in in the customer maintenance window, which can easily be viewed in the customer inquiry window. The ‘add note’ section will appear next to Customer ID.

Customer Notes in Dynamics GP 2018

Project Notes in Project Inquiry and PA Project Inquiry Windows

Microsoft additionally added “project notes” attachments next to project number, as displayed in the image below. These notes will be accessible from Project Inquiry window and PA Project Inquiry Window.

Project notes and PA Project notes in Dynamics GP 2018

Security in Document Attach

A new option in the Document Attachment setup window allows users to attach documents in the inquiry windows.  There is a password protection option.

Document Attach in Dynamics GP Security

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Document Attach is only one of the cool new features that will be coming in the newest iteration of Dynamics GP. Stay tuned for additional blogs digging into workflows, sales and purchasing, and more. If you would like to learn more about Wipfli’s successes helping clients recognize the ease of use and benefits that come with Dynamics GP, read our case studies, learn about our connectors, and contact us for details.


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