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What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Part 2: Workflows, Sorting, and More

What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Part 2: Workflows, Sorting, and More

Every year, Microsoft announces important improvements to their functionality in a Feature of the Day series. We like to take a deeper look at some of the features in a multi-part blog of our own. Following our latest blog on the new Document Attach functionality coming to Dynamics GP 2018, we would today like to explore the improvements to workflows, the web client, and more.

This is part two in a three-part series on Dynamics GP 2018. See part 1, digging into the document attach functionality here, and part 3, looking at additional features here.

New Workflows

Microsoft made some important improvements to workflows, adding three new workflows to the product based on informative feedback from the Dynamics Community. These new workflows appear for the GL Account, Receivables Transactions Workflows, and Purchasing Invoice Workflows, which we will display below.

GL Account Workflow

The first important addition is the GL Account Workflow, which adds the new workflow for the GL Account and creates email messages for the GL account. Used throughout the system, this workflow is designed to work for and with your organization to make life easier for your people.

GL Account Workflow Improvements in Dynamics GP 2018

Receivings Transaction Workflows

An additional, highly anticipated, place in which Microsoft added workflow functionality was the “Receivings Transaction Approval” process. This will make it easier for teams to get approvals by shortening the process and creating an email message for the receiving workflow.

Receivable Transaction Workflow Dynamics GP 2018

Purchasing Invoice Workflow

Finally, Microsoft added new Workflow functionality for the Purchasing Invoice process, helping companies get faster, more accurate approvals and take some of the manual work out of the approval process.

Purchasing Invoice Workflow in Dynamics GP 2018


New Workflow Fields

Of course, the improvements to workflows don’t stop at “creating more workflows for everyday business needs. Microsoft also added necessary fields to pick from when creating new workflows.

Additional Fields in Payables Transaction Workflow

The payables transaction workflow has further been enhanced, adding five additional fields to choose from in order to improve accuracy and communication when getting vendor, purchase, and payment approval. These new fields are: Vendor Account, Vendor Master Comment 1, Vendor Master Comment 2, Vendor Class ID, and Payment Priority.

GP 2018 Payables Transaction Workflow Fields


Additional Fields in Vendor Workflow (EFT/Bank)

The Workflow Condition Editor now has additional fields available for vendor workflows. Now users are able to add Electronic Funds Transfer/Bank Details to the Vendor Approval Workflow Message.

GP 2018 Workflows Bank and EFT Vendor Approval


Additional Workflow Improvements

Microsoft has continually improved the Workflow functionality since its introduction. As discussed in “Workflows Unplugged,” a guest blog by Ian Grieve on the Dynamics GP Community, Workflows 4.0 builds upon an already feature-rich solution and offers more simplicity than ever. While Grieve explores the improvements to workflows from the first iteration to the current one, we would like to discuss the newest improvements below. Among the newest features added:

Copy Workflow Step

Allows you to select and copy a workflow step to another workflow. This simplifies the messaging and approval process, allowing companies to avoid repetition in creating a workflow.

GP 2018 Copy Workflow Step

Create Reminder Emails

Emails get lost. Now, you can easily set up GP to create a reminder email in the event that someone lost or forgot to complete an approval.

Reminder Emails in GP 2018

Purchase Order Workflow Messages

Automate the message generation for an approval, including relevant fields to be included in the message. This will provide the people who need to make the approval the information they need—when and where they need it.

Purchase Workflows

Additional Reporting in Workflows

Get additional visibility into the workflow process with additional fields in workflow reporting.

Additional Workflow Reporting GP 2018

Renamed Check Window

A minor change reflecting the move away from check-based payments, the checks window has been renamed as the payments window.

GP 2018 Checks Renamed to Payments


A highly requested feature has been the addition of sorting options to GP. These improvements are designed to improve user experience, and Microsoft has added new sorting options to the following windows:

Add Sort to Receivables Transaction Inquiry by Customer/Document

In GP 2018, users will be able to sort by type, document number, document amount, amount remaining, and document date in ascending/descending order for both receivables inquiry windows—customer and document.

New Receivables Sorting Options in GP 2018

Add Sort to Payables Transaction Inquiry by Vendor/Transaction

New in GP 2018: You can now sort by document number, type, original amount, unapplied amount, and document date in ascending and descending order in payables transaction inquiry by vendor and document.

Payables Sort GP 2018

Additional Sorting in the Bank Reconciliation Window

Find transactions more easily than ever during the reconciliation process. You are now able to sort by type, date, payment, and deposit in ascending and descending order.

Bank Sorting GP 2018


Learn More: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

As Microsoft continues to improve its Dynamics GP product offering, we are pleased to share with you some of the improvements being made in this multi-part blog series. If you would like to learn more about Wipfli’s successes helping clients recognize the ease of use and benefits that come with Dynamics GP, read our case studies, learn about our connectors, and contact us for details.


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