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Dynamics GP – How to Restrict Access to General Ledger Accounts on a Per User Basis

Dynamics GP – How to Restrict Access to General Ledger Accounts on a Per User Basis

In Dynamics GP most of us are aware that we can provide users limited access to certain modules and screens. Did you know that you can actually go as far down as the General Ledger Accounts?

Depending on the user’s role within the organization, users can enter, edit and view financial account sets, based on the account access granted to the users. Not only will your chart of accounts become more manageable with less errors, but you will also be able to restrict and protect your sensitive financial information.

Let’s walk through the different Account Level Security options which include company, departments, users and accounts.

Restrict Access in General Ledger in GP

1) Activate Account Security at the company level. Go to Tools>Setup>Company>Company and place a checkmark in the box next to Account Security.

ASM – Account Security

2) Define the user groups that will be given specific access to groups of accounts in the Organizational Structure in Dynamics GP. Go to Tools>Setup>System>Organizational Structure and define the groups as needed:

In this definition, Level1 is the highest level of the Company structure, and right below this level, include the Departments for which the accounts will be given specific access to account groups.

AP Department will have its own set of accounts that it can access in Dynamics; AR Department will have its own, and HR/Payroll Department can also have its own set of accounts.

Restrict Access in General Ledger in GP

To add more groups/departments, place the cursor in the next row, and define the group.

3) Assign the users to have access to all accounts or to a group of accounts. Go to Tools>Setup>System>User and select the user ID to set up:

Click on the Account Security button highlighted in yellow below:

Restrict Access in General Ledger in GP Step 3

4) This will open the Organizational Structure Assignment Window for the selected user. If the user needs access to all accounts, click on the checkbox next to “Grant Access to All Accounts”

Restrict Access in General Ledger in GP Step 4

5) For a user that needs to access only a specific group of accounts assigned to a department, click on the lookup button next to the company field to select the department/entity:

Restrict Access in General Ledger in GP Step 5

6) After selecting the entity ID/department, click on the Insert button to assign the user to the department. Note: you may assign more than one department to a user.

Restrict Access in General Ledger in GP Step 6

7) Assign the accounts to the different entities/department. Define the accounts users can access under each entity.

8) Go to Cards>System>Organizational Assignments and select the entity/department to assign accounts to:

Restrict Access in General Ledger in GP

9) Lastly, there are a few more important steps that you will want to walk through:

  • Confirm that the company ID is correct
  • Select the Assign radio button to assign accounts (Remove Assigned if you are removing account assignments to this entity, Remove All Assigned if you are removing all account assignments to this entity)
  • Unclick Apply to Parent Levels (checking this will apply the account assignments to the parent of this entity)
  • Select the Range by Segment ID or Accounts
  • Select the range of accounts and click insert (see example below)

Restrict Access in General Ledger in GP

  • Click Process to complete the assignment of the range of accounts
  • Repeat the steps to assign another range of accounts as needed

Don’t forget, you can repeat these steps to add others and change account level security for employees taking new roles or for new hires that are employed with your organization.

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