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Dynamics SL – How to Create a Template to Print for Different Invoice Formats

Dynamics SL – How to Create a Template to Print for Different Invoice Formats

Templates often make the invoicing process in Dynamics SL easier. Well, as long as they work! For example, you’ve just upgraded and some of your templates aren’t working – what to do?

  1. Open the AR – Invoice/Memo Forms
  2. Template Tab: Load the template


  1. Print preview the report to see what it showing on the report
  2. Close report and review the Report and Selection tabs.
  3. On the Report tab – click the down arrow on Format –Select the Plain Paper version.


  1. Selection tab : F3 on the 1st line to open the list of available fields from the tables in the report –With SL2015 – you can sort the list by the column names.


You can even sort only the fields from the report.


  1. Select the ARdoc.Refnbr field
  2. Select Operator “Equal”
  3. Value = “your invoice number” example: 112233 (must be 6 digits)
  4. Click -Print preview button to confirm the correct format and selection. (If report prints correctly, close the preview report.)
  5. Click on Template tab,
  6. Click on the template name “Select Invoice”
  7. Click the Save Template button.



  1. You can either save over the template or give it a new name.
  2. Close invoice forms then re-open screen
  3. Load “new” template.
  4. Print preview to confirm new format is working correctly.

Happy templates!

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