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Dynamics SL: How to Fix AP Voucher Posted to Wrong Period

Dynamics SL: How to Fix AP Voucher Posted to Wrong Period

How to Correct an AP Voucher with Incorrect PeriodUpon entering in your AP Vouchers, a moment of relief comes when you finally hit the post button. Shew, all complete! Oh wait, what? To your horror you see that the batch actually posted to the wrong period. No worries. There is a way to resolve this common mistake. And don’t feel bad, yes it is fairly common.

The question is how do I correct a batch of AP Vouchers that were posted to the wrong period in Dynamics SL? First let’s focus on the three main things that we will need to do. Then we can go step by step through each resolution.

The three main fixes include:

  • Post Debit Adjustment (AD) batch to wrong period
  • Post Credit Adjustment (AC) batch to correct period
  • Print zero check batch selecting the AC/AD documents.
    This will clear out the documents from the vendor accounts.

AP Voucher Batch Correction

Period posted – 01/2014, Correct Period – 12/2013

Fixing AP Voucher Incorrect Period

1. Gather Batch Information:

Print the AP Edit report or Reprint AP Batch control report

Correcting a Wrong Period Batch Error in SL

Correcting AP Voucher Wrong Period in SL

Post Debit Adjustment Batch

Use the same Period to Post as the original batch (ex:01-2014)

Use the same vendors, amounts, accounts and subaccounts.

AP Voucher Wrong Period SL

Post New Voucher in Correct Period

Use the correct Period to Post

Use the same vendors, amounts, accounts and subaccounts.

Wrong Period AP Voucher Fix

 Create ZERO check batch to remove the Debit Adjustments and Credit Adjustments from the Vendor. Post to incorrect Period

Use the Manual Check screen or Edit /Select Documents for Payment.

Use a “fake” check number to save your “live” checks.

Fix AP Voucher Vrong Period


There you have it. There is always a resolution to these types of things. Just relax knowing that it is ok to make a few mistakes in Dynamics SL. Like in life, we can always learn from things that may go a little wrong.


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