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Dynamics SL and Power BI Dashboards: Decision Making Made Easy

Dynamics SL and Power BI Dashboards: Decision Making Made Easy

Dynamics SL has long been an option for companies looking to improve project profitability, increase margins, and grow their business. It’s also been a leading option for government contractors and nonprofits, and with each release has become smarter, faster, and better.

While we have spent a lot of time in the past few days talking about the background of Dynamics SL updates, the support calendar and how it affects users, and Dynamics SL 2015 and its CU2 update, we would today like to take a deeper look at one of the most important new features introduced across the Microsoft product lineup: Power BI.

While Power BI is in no way exclusive to Dynamics SL, it has played a major role in making the platform and its users even smarter. This business intelligence software integrates dozens of data sources into one platform, and allows users to turn information into insights and data into decisions. Power BI is just one of many improvements to Dynamics SL, which we’ve discussed in recent blogs and our webcast on the topic, and which are summed up in the Dynamics SL Product Roadmap:

Dynamics SL Product Roadmap

Microsoft Power BI: Affordable and Easy to Use Business Intelligence

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices. Everyone can create personalized dashboards with a unique, 360-degree view of their business. And scale across the enterprise, with governance and security built-in.

Power BI began its life a few years ago, and has grown ever since, taking on new applications and integrations. In recent releases of Dynamics applications, however, Power BI has become even more powerful. For Dynamics SL, this integration began in the SL 2015 CU2 Update, which we discussed here.

Power BI and Dynamics SL: Smarter Businesses, Better Decisions

There are many, many uses for Power BI. From giving your marketing people new ways to look at Google Analytics data or email data to providing users new ways to slice and dice an Excel spreadsheet, Power BI has become a highly effective software for those in the project management world.

Using Power BI and Dynamics SL, users can look at their SL data with more detail than ever. For example, users can track project performance by month, year, or since project inception, and drill down into multiple components.

As shown in the image below, Power BI dashboards shows month-to month project performance, displaying margins, revenues, and expenses.

Project Dashboard Overview

However, say you want to look at the lifecycle of the project and see if it has become more profitable over time. You can do that just as easily, as shown in the image below.

Power BI in Dynamics SL

There are many more features and benefits, with one of the best being the “top and bottom fives.” Just a few years ago, it would take sales managers and finance leaders hours or days to compile the information on top project managers, top projects, and the like. Now, with a few clicks, managers can see the top and bottom five project managers, knowing who to reward and who to assist.

Top and Bottom Five Power BI Dynamics SL

There are, of course, many different ways to slice and dice these numbers. However, once you start using the software, you’ll begin to see more opportunities to fit into your business processes.

Learn More about Dynamics SL

With Dynamics SL 2015 already established as a leader in project management software and 2018 coming soon, project-based businesses have more opportunities than ever to dig into their numbers, simplify their business, and improve their results. Whether you’re an established Dynamics SL user, or looking to learn more about the product and its benefits, we’d love to talk.

At Wipfli/Brittenford, we’ve helped companies make the move to SL since it was called Solomon, and have established our presence as a leader in the Dynamics Community. Learn more about our work with the software, our solutions to connect Dynamics SL and SAP Concur, and contact us to learn more.


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