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eBanking and FIDO Data Retriever For Microsoft Dynamics SL – Webcast

eBanking and FIDO Data Retriever For Microsoft Dynamics SL – Webcast

Fido and eBanking for Microsoft Dynamics SL Sandler Kahne Software will be hosting a webcast on Wednesday, April 17 at 1pm ET, highlighting their 5-module eBanking Suite and their newest product, FIDO (The Data Retriever)® for Microsoft Dynamics SL.

To register for the webcast, click here. Below we will share more information about Sandler Kahne’s eBanking suite and FIDO.

eBanking Suite for Microsoft Dynamics SL

As electronic banking services become increasingly widespread, you’ll want your Microsoft Dynamics SL system to provide you with the tools needed to take advantage of this technology. The modules available in Sandler Kahne’s eBanking Suite will help you reduce your costs through automation, along with providing improved security and fraud protection. They include:

  • A/P Electronic Funds Transfer (APEFT)
  • Wire Transfer Plus
  • Positive Pay (aka Safe Pay)
  • A/R Electronic Funds Transfer (AREFT)
  • Lockbox Processing

With over 1,100+ companies using the product today, this feature-rich suite is proven to save time and money.

FIDO (The Data Retriever)

Sandler Kahne will also highlight the latest product to gain the attention of SL users across the country, FIDO (The Data Retriever)®. FIDO’s an easy to learn, web-based Silverlight™ application that looks a lot like Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook. FIDO includes a whole host of predefined views into your data. Just select one to view your data. Filter it and/or group it as you see fit. Then, if you like, you can export the results to MS Excel for further processing! If you’ve customized the view as described below, you can easily save it for use in the future.

Touted as the most affordable option for data query today, FIDO is a must see!

For more information, view the complete presentation by clicking here to register. Also, visit the additional resources below.

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