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eBook on Why Software Companies Benefit from Intacct

eBook on Why Software Companies Benefit from Intacct

Software Companies benefit from cloud-based financial managementThe latest eBook for software companies explains how Intacct, the leading provider of cloud-based financial management and accounting applications enables them to:

  • Streamline quote-to-cash with seamless integration to Salesforce CRM
  • Support complex, evolving revenue recognition requirements
  • Optimize delivery, utilization, and profitability of service organizations
  • Accelerate real-time consolidation across multiple business entities
  • Speed financial consolidation and close processes

Brittenford Systems offers the ebook as a free download for anyone interested in understanding how Intacct benefits software companies.

Featured Cloud Financial Management Case studies for Software Companies

Case studies from leading software companies such as nCircle and Mulesoft are featured in the eBook. Learn the challenges these software companies faced before implementing a cloud-based financial solution and how having one has increased their company’s efficiency and ROI. In addition, you’ll learn about overall benefits of how Intacct helps software companies accomplish accounting and financial management practices to the fullest.

By downloading the eBook, you’ll hear how cloud-based financial management has helped a variety of software companies. Many explain how cloud-based financial systems have transformed how their company does business. One such company claims:

The improvement Intacct offers us in visibility and automation make it possible for us to improve the way we run the entire company; but it also improves our efficiency. We believe we’ll be able to grow much larger with the same finance staff we have in place and avoid hiring two or three full time people over the next 18 to 24 months, so the hard dollar ROI is very compelling.” — OpSource

Download eBook on Cloud Financial Management for Software Companies

You can view the eBook by downloading the eBook for Software Companies. Additional resources are included in the eBook, such as links to special videos on cloud financial management and a tour on navigating through a cloud financial management system.

Are you a software company looking to gain more insight into a cloud-based financial management system? Attend an upcoming product tour on cloud financials for software companies on September 6th!

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