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Elevate Your Sage Intacct: Year-End Tips and Tricks 2017

Elevate Your Sage Intacct: Year-End Tips and Tricks 2017

It’s the end of the year—HR is running open enrollment, sales and service people are getting in all of their expense reports, and the finance department is getting ready to send out 1099s and close the books. It’s an annual dance that takes place as you get ready to tackle the coming calendar year.

The Annual Year-End Close Dance

Year-end close, 1099 printing, and so much more make the last month of the year awfully stressful for finance professionals, adding onto an already stressful holiday season outside of work. While your company has already made the year-end easier by making the move to Sage Intacct, there is still a fair amount of work that needs to be done in order to start next year off on the right foot (and avoid spending the last few days of the year in the office).

Knowing this, while it may not seem like you have 45 minutes to spare, we would like to invite you to a brief webcast that could save you hours in the long run.

Learn More about Updates and Year-End Closing Procedures

On December 12, 2017, Wipfli presented its quarterly Elevate Your (Sage) Intacct webcast for Sage Intacct Customers and Users looking to make the most of their software. As always, this webcast discussed upcoming functionality. share tips and tricks, and answered frequently asked questions from current users.

As we’ve done every year, the final calendar quarter Elevate webcast will focus primarily on 1099 printing and other year-end activities. Led by Ann Scanlan, Manager for Wipfli LLP, this webcast will provide some important steps to increase efficiency and effectiveness, saving you time in the process.

Additionally, we will also be taking a deep dive into what’s on the horizon for the cloud platform. We invite you to download this highly informative webcast, Elevate Your Sage Intacct—Tips and Tricks for Year-End here.


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