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What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Part 3

What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Part 3

What’s new in the next iteration of Microsoft Dynamics, GP 2018? Following our investigation into the new workflows in part 2, and our look at the document attach feature in part 1, we would today like to explore a few more major improvements (many requested by users), designed to make life easier for users, managers, and administrators. As we continue to look at improvements, we would like to preface this by recommending you check out all of the new features on the Inside Dynamics GP blog and shared OneDrive.


Two of the user- and administrator-focused improvements in the newest iteration of Dynamics GP revolve around passwords. While completely different, we grouped these two considerations together to show how GP makes it easier for administrators to get around the platform while allowing users the ability to protect their SmartList work from the meddling of others.

Admin Accessibility: One-Time System Password

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the Admin area of Dynamics GP will love this new addition to #GP2018. Users only need to enter the system password once during the active session to navigate around the system area within Dynamics GP.

System Password Dynamics GP 2018

Protecting SmartList Favorites

If you’ve ever been working on something, toiling away to get it to your preferences, only to have someone make changes, you’ll love this. For those who have had that experience with SmartList favorites, this one’s for you. Users have the option to put a unique password on smartlist favorites.  Will allow tighter controls as each password can be different instead of a system set password.

Protecting SmartList Favorites with password in GP 2018

Web Client Improvements

Microsoft has continually made improvements to the GP Web Client, bringing it closer and closer to the traditional GP experience, and 2018 is no different. Among the improvements added in 2018 are AutoComplete, the addition of shortcuts to SmartLists, and the ability to maximize the window in Bank Reconciliation.


Now, users have access to AutoComplete in the web client, just as they would in the desktop client. For example, users can just start typing into a field like “Customer ID,” and Microsoft will do the rest.

GP 2018 Web Client Autocomplete

Add SmartLists as a Shortcut in Web Client

In the Web Client, SmartLists were recently added as a shortcut on the top ribbon. This allows for quicker, easier navigation for users who do have access to the SmartList window. Additionally, users who do not have access will not see this shortcut.

Smartlist Shortcuts in Dynamics GP 2018 Web Client

Maximize Bank Reconciliation Window in the Web Client

The Bank Reconciliation window has a lot going on, and the traditional view in the web client was too small for many users. Now users can expand this to see more transactions with in the window, reducing the amount of scrolling needed to find transactions.

Bank Reconciliation Window in GP 2018 Web Client

Payment IDs

Do you normally use the same settings for processing payments? If so, you can now simplify the payment process. Dynamics GP now has the option to save settings used to build the batch. This will save users a lot of time in processing payments because you normally use the same settings every time.

Select Payment ID

Purchase Order and Requisition Updates

A few of the major improvements to Dynamics GP 2018 revolve around purchase orders and requisitions.

Add Purchase Order Number to Requisition

An innovative addition to the purchasing function, GP 2018 will display a PO number on the role center in the requisition list. This will minimize the number of clicks in order to track and approve a purchase order.

Generate PO by Requisition GP 2018

New Purchase Orders Displayed from PO Generation

If a new purchase order is generated, users will now have the option to display new POs by filtering generated POs.

PO Generator New POs

Print Purchase Requisition

GP 2018 will also reduce the number of steps to print a purchase requisition, making the print option available from both requisition entry and requisition list.

Print Requisition in Purchasing

Payment Per Invoice/Payment Per Vendor

In Vendor Maintenance and Build Payment Batch, users can now select to make payments by vendor or by invoice.

Payment Vendor Invoice Mail

Email Single Statement from Customer

It is now easier than ever to email a customer a statement. Now, within GP 2018, users can email customer statements directly from both customer card and customer inquiry, printing for the customer selected using the default format assigned in Receivables.

Email Customer Statement

Display Hold Status on Sales Transaction Entry/Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom

Create more visibility throughout the organization and keep up with customers who are on hold. GP 2018 now displays “on hold” status on the Sales Transaction Entry. This can be opened by clicking on the icon to view the hold.

Display On Hold Status in Sales Window GP 2018

Copy User Access from One User to Another in Analytical Accounting

You can now copy user access settings in Analytical Accounting from one user to another in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. A relatively small feature added in Dynamics GP 2016, this improvement adds to the ease created by user access settings simplification. As discussed in the blog introducing the feature in 2016:

“In prior versions, when a new AA dimension code was created, each user had to have been granted permission to use it, and that was pretty time-consuming if you had a lot of users.  With this new functionality, you can control if you want to all allow users to have automatic access to all dimension codes, or if you prefer to keep doing it manually per user, per dimension code as you did before.”

However, the 2016 edition was all or nothing. Now, you can copy specific access across users in AA.

GP 2018 Copy User Access in Analytical Accounting

Learn More: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

As Microsoft continues to improve its Dynamics GP product offering, we are pleased to share with you some of the improvements being made in this multi-part blog series. If you would like to learn more about Wipfli’s successes helping clients recognize the ease of use and benefits that come with Dynamics GP, read our case studieslearn about our connectors, and contact us for details.


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