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Expense Management: Learn Best Practices and Get Lunch on Us!

Expense Management: Learn Best Practices and Get Lunch on Us!

What’s the difference between leaders and laggards? Many things. But one of the biggest things is that leaders are able to take advantage of the opportunities available to them, using the time they have more efficiently, and automating or delegating tasks that waste their resources.

When you turn this to a finance department within an organization, some of the biggest time wasters and hidden costs come from your expense management. Even with an adept and diligent staff, manual processes and outdated software are still standing in the way of becoming a leading organization. But what can you do to overcome this?

Automate, Manage, and Simplify Your Expense Process: June 23, 2016

To address this, Wipfli LLP/Brittenford Systems and Concur Technologies would like to invite you to join a panel of experts for lunch on Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 11:30 EDT for a lunch and learn at The Palm Restaurant and Steakhouse in Washington, DC.

Titled Automate, Manage, and Simplify Your Expense Process, this event will introduce you to the necessary steps you need to take in order to improve upon your financial and expense management practices, learn from an executive panel the benefits of integrating finance and expense management, network with your peers, and last but not least, get a free lunch from the highly rated Palm Restaurant.

At this complimentary luncheon, you will gain insight into:

  • Saving time and money by automating your travel and expense process
  • Real-time data that will help you make smarter decisions
  • Increase employee satisfaction with fast and seamless expense reimbursement
  • Higher rate of compliance and lower processing costs with ERP integration

Click here to register for Automate, Manage, and Simplify Your Expense Process.

Bonus: Learn More about ExpenseConnect

Further, attendees will gain valuable information on one of the most award winning, fastest selling, easy to implement integrations available to businesses: ExpenseConnect.

Companies from nonprofit to MLB scouting department have recognized the value of ExpenseConnect for their business, and the Infographic below shows some statistics and figures you need to know about improving both finance and expense management.


Learn even more by reading the following resources:

Again, please register for Automate, Manage, and Simplify Your Expense Process on June 23.


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