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Finance’s Playbook for Leveraging Enterprise Performance Management

Finance’s Playbook for Leveraging Enterprise Performance Management

Chief Financial Officers and other Finance Professionals continue to face challenges, both from outside forces like regulators and auditors and inside forces throughout the organization. 2017 looks to be no different, with more challenges on the horizon that will demand you communicate, collaborate, and disrupt your role like never before.

Challenges ahead will proliferate, and for a finance organization to not only meet these challenges but to propel itself into the future, its leaders need to have a plan.

Six Components of a Finance Organization Playbook

To address this, Wipfli/Brittenford has released a new whitepaper to address the challenges that a finance organization faces, identifying the six components of a finance organization playbook to embrace the future.

Finance’s EPM Playbook: Leveraging World Class Enterprise Performance Management shares with you the six most critical components of the financial playbook, as well as the solution that can bring everything together, streamlining and simplifying the process: Enterprise Performance Management.

Among the topics to be discussed:

  1. Uniting Finance with Operations: Financial leadership will continue to take on new roles, collaborating with other departments and solidifying its impact on the organization. Learn the three new faces of finance—business partner, strategic thinker, and disruptor—and how to prepare for each role’s activities.
  2. Becoming an Ambassador for Agility: As organizations seek efficiency, the axiom of people, processes, and technology in order to drive agility. But as we move to a more connected enterprise, there is one factor missing from this equation that could make or break the drive for efficiency. What is it? Download the whitepaper to find out.
  3. Tools AND Processes: You can have world class software, but lack the processes to capitalize upon the software investment. You could have just the opposite: A process designed to make your job easier, using tools that don’t meet your business needs. But there is an easier way, implementing effective tools that complement effective processes.
  4. Forecasting Beyond Budgeting: Too many organizations consider budgeting to be a once-yearly hassle—one that needs immense amounts of resources to complete. But there is an easier way: Rolling forecasts. Rolling forecasts offer more accuracy and visibility to allow your organization to dig deeper into the numbers and make more informed decisions that will affect your business months in advance.
  5. Effective Reporting: Reporting, especially without the right tools in place can be laborious, inaccurate, and provide inadequate insight for the departments that need the numbers. Learn the top CFO Challenges and best practices by downloading the whitepaper.
  6. Embracing the Cloud: Finance wasn’t the first to embrace the cloud, but cloud applications have been maturing to meet the needs of highly sensitive financial data. With lower cost of ownership, faster implementation, and enhanced security, cloud EPM is the secret weapon for companies looking to rise up to the challenges that the future holds.

As 2017 rapidly approaches, the time to act is now if you want to take control of an organization, becoming the strategic leader, disruptor, and business partner that your company needs and deserves. Learn more about how you can transform your business by downloading the Wipfli/Brittenford Whitepaper, Finance’s EPM Playbook: Leveraging World Class Enterprise Performance Management to learn about the demands and next steps.


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