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Financial Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Financial Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Financial EnhancementsIn our last article, we covered the project enhancements that are coming with Microsoft Dynamics SL. Today, we will cover the simplification of the processes across the entirety of the product. When building the latest Dynamics SL product, Microsoft used customer feedback to enhance already mature features such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Multi-Company Logins.

Financial Visibility and Corporate Compliance

With the latest release, Microsoft Dynamics SL continues to use valuable customer feedback to enhance tried and true features to help make processing easier.

  • Accounts Payable: Calculations and creation of Vendor backup withholdings, currently a manual process, will now process automatically at the time of payment selection.
    • Vendors are flagged for 1099 non-compliance: Any Payables batches containing a non-compliant vendor can automatically create a withholding batch.
    • Multi-Prepayment: In situations where you are making multiple prepayments against one vendor invoice, these can now be applied against a single voucher using the new Multi-prepayments screen.
  • Accounts Receivable: Many times invoices are entered and not reviewed, resulting in errors when invoices are printed. Now with Invoice Preview you can review each invoice prior to release individually or through a new Quick Query invoice preview screen.
  • Payroll: New enhancements in the payroll module focus on removing redundant or unnecessary steps.
    • When a deduction amount is changed in Review/Edit Check, the process of re-calculating “subject earnings YTD” is now automated.
    • Voided Checks that need to be reissued can be done so without re-running the Pay Labor Interface. This eliminates the need to re-enter time as the time entry is reactivated when the original check is voided.
    • Gross up checks are supported with automatic calculation of deductions using the appropriate tax tables and applicable deduction records according to the maximum limits. This feature is available for all earning types and overrides of deduction amounts are permitted.
    • Enhanced audit trail for Payroll now tracks changes made to: Deductions, Tax Tables, Employee Deductions and Employee Pay Information. Reports display these changes along with date, time, and users who have made these changes.
  • Multi-Company Login enhancement: When logging in or switching companies in Microsoft Dynamics SL, users will now only be able to select and view companies to which they have access rights. Lookup lists will no longer display every company available, but adhere to the security rights for the user, displaying the assigned companies.

Total Capability for Project-Based Businesses

The newest release of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 will provide users unmatched application maturity and processing. These financial benefits are just a few of the important improvements you will receive when you choose Dynamics SL 2015. We welcome you to learn more from the following resources available now and in the future.

Contact us to learn more about how you can gain true visibility into your project-based business with Microsoft Dynamics SL.


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