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Get Your Financial Reporting out of the 90s

Get Your Financial Reporting out of the 90s

The 90s were a great time. A booming economy, a time when shows like Seinfeld, Friends, and Frasier were new and relevant, and the Internet was becoming more and more important for businesses in need of information at the click of a button. Fast forward to 2017. Many of these businesses are still using applications designed for financial reporting in the 90s, and it’s holding them back.

Many Business Applications are on the Wrong Side of History

The fact is, many of the options available for businesses today were not built for today’s always-on businesses and a fair majority of these options were built before the internet even existed. This means that they could barely handle the needs at the turn of the 21st century, much less handle the needs of businesses nearly two decades into it.

Event: Is Your Financial Reporting Stuck in the 20th Century?

If you feel that your business and financial reporting processes are stuck in the 20th Century, and you think it’s time to find more powerful and intuitive reporting, we would like to invite you to an event scheduled for May 25, 2017.

The free event, Is Your Financial Reporting Stuck in the 20th Century?, will take place on May 25, 2017 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT, and will explore the challenges that growing businesses face when their antiquated financial processes and solutions can’t keep up with modern needs.

Discover how to unlock deeper financial insight with Brian Dietz, Partner at Wipfli, where he will discuss how you can:

  • Transition to real-time reporting
  • Receive more visibility into what’s driving company performance
  • Get more from your data
  • View an at-a-glance big picture with financial dashboards
  • Have flexible delivery options and output formats
  • Set up automatic scheduling

Click here to register for our event to learn more about getting your reporting processes out of the 20th Century.


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