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Free 30-Day Trial of Intacct

Free 30-Day Trial of Intacct

Inacct Free Trial Brittenford Systems is now offering a 30-day FREE trial of Intacct cloud accounting software.

Intacct cloud accounting software is one of the fastest growing software applications in North America. Typically, it serves as an upgrade to to entry-level systems or legacy on-premise systems. Notably, Intacct is the only AICPA-endorsed cloud software that is available as software as a service (SaaS). Cloud or SaaS software, like Intacct, is gaining popularity because fees are typically a fraction of on-premise and ERP software.

“A majority of small and mid-size businesses have outgrown entry level financial systems, but forgo upgrading because on-premise systems can be cost prohibitive,” states Shereen Mahoney, CEO of Brittenford Systems. “This 30 day trial is a great way for those businesses to review the features and benefits of the Intacct financial management system at no cost.”

Brittenford’s Intacct 30-Day Free Trial program allows potential users to explore the functionality of this upgraded system, with no financial burden. Registration is quick and easy. From there, the trial includes:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Videos describing the benefits of Intacct
  • The ability to switch roles and invite others to a trial site.

To register for the free 30-day trial, click here.

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